Protein powder from BSL

Need some help from guys that have gotten protein powder from BSL…

I’m trying to save $$$ because of my wedding coming up soon and I’ve got this HS senior soccer player wanting me to help him get in better shape, improve speed, etc to have a better chance for a soccer scholarship. you know HS kids have little money and I’ve got to deal with his mommy when it comes to nutrition. No fun having to try mommy to change the way she cooks so this HS kid can eat better. I’m getting Carlson’s fish oil (500ml, 100 servings). I thought about getting him that Super Nutrition Opti Pak. What’s the liquid multi that Clemson talked about?

Anyway about protein,

What flavor should i get that tastes damn good so this guy woud love having protein shake (like LC GROW!)? I’m thinking about getting CFM whey for pre and post workout shakes and MPI for other times. Also, get some glucose for PWO drink. He’s giving me 300 bucks for 3 months so i’m trying to get as much as I can for that amount. I’d appreciate for your help. Thanks.

With multivits, for economy’s sake, go with either Twinlabs Supertwin one a day, or Schiff’s Whole Food Base vitapaks.

Both are dirt cheap at

They don’t even compare to Super Nutriton Opti pak… Look closer and you’ll see why… Thanks though.

One Step from High Performance Fitness is the Clemson recommended multi.

You piss most of it out anyway. I’ve used all three for extensive periods of time and noticed no performance or recuperation differences between the three.

If your on a budget, you make due. I’d rather spend that kind of money on quality food or a quality protein supplement.

I’m of the same opinion …

Maximizing nutrition will most likely require a precise budget…cost per serving is a major factor. Try adding up the requirements of the week and see what ratios of supplements/organic food work the best. I prefer to spend my money on the produce and nuts and limit my animal protein to 50% or less.

Yeah I’m pretty good at saving $$$ but I mainly asked which flavor tasted the best. Some people won’t even touch that doesn’t taste “good”. I can live with bland tasting proteins but BSL protein powders is pretty cheap and i just wanted to get opinion on the taste part. That is all.

Animal protein to 50% of total daily intake of protein, is that what you’re talking about?

I was talking about one pak a day, split in half, one in the morning and one at evening as a safeguard. There’s no telling if this soccer HS guy would even follow the nutritional guidlines. I recommended that he eat tons of veggies but come on, how many kids would eat that much veggies. A little can go a long way whether you realize it or not. There’s no way of knowing just how much of vit and minerals in veggies, where its grown esp the commericals ones. Organic veggies are much better but it ALL DEPENDS on the mother. Commerical veggies and organic veggies differ greatly from each other in the amounts of vitamins and minerals. I’d prefer to have him eat veggies instead but I’m not gonna be around 24hrs to make him eat them.

yeah- you cant control the commitment level of the athlete-(meaning-will he stick to the nutritional guidelines you have set for him).
im of the opinion as well that he should focus on quality natural food sources as well. also, ive found that parents are usually more compliant with financially supporting natural food sources than supplements. also, since this kid is in high school, and he plans on trying to extend his athletic carrer its important that he learns now (early in his athletic career hopefully) that solid nutrition from natural food sources is the foundation and cannot be substituted with pills and powders-though they can help.

Yeah, I’m hoping he’d be smart about what he eats. I might just get protein powder to supplement his diet like pre/post workout meal thats it. Maybe Flax oil or fish oil to get some omega 3s in his diet.

BSL protein powder is no Muscle Milk but it is definetely good tasting.

Which specifically? The protein customizer ones? There are many of them.

Itruett, you can give me a ring 630.444.1900 if you would like and we can discuss some methods to get the most out of this athletes budget in respect to the personal goals at hand.

Fairly simple, but I always like to see athletes succeed. $100 per month should be easy especially with the value that is offered at BSL.

I’ve tried their MPI, Low Carb Whey XL, and Hydrolysate. best place to get yours.

Why is this your preferred source for protein?


I think Blackstar labs has galactose…many of the speed and power athletes here would benefit from a blend of nootropics, galactose, and BCAAs for long bouts of track (field) and weights.

All the whey? taste? price? effectiveness? interesting… :confused:

I’ve got some experience with AlltheWhey

It’s cheap. It’s good tasting in water or milk, without being loaded down with strong flavors. They have an concentrate/isolate blend, and an isolate.

I’ve been through several different brands of wheys, and I prefer the allthewhey brand mostly for it’s pricing and it’s mild flavors.

I typically use it to supplement low protein meals and pre and post workout.

Personally, I have never felt a difference between all the protein blends I’ve tried. I would love to find that magical protein blend, but haven’t yet in ~10 years of trial and error.

My wife likes the protein as well, because of it’s mild, yet tasty, flavor. I have only gotten vanilla and chocolate, though.

Allthewhey is good becuase the price is right and the flavor is good, I’ve used ON and BodyTech brands both were good and their chocolate flavors were fine but price wise when your buying protein and buying protein AllTheWhey comes out on top. PLus AllTheWhey contains some glutamine and the amino profile of AllTheWhey is 1-200 higher than some in ON but it flip flops between.