Progressive Distance Training?

Hey guys i was just reading an article about Paul Anderson utilizing PDT in his workouts and i wanted to get your takes on it or if any of youns have ever utilized it? I understand that it’s probably not a popular tool for athletic programs(although they say it increases tendon strength, which is important for sports) but im not going to be doing any wrestling for the next 2months so i was thinking of using it to bring my squat up. Thoughts or comments let me hear em.

What is meant by that in a Weights room? do you mean, 3reps on 100kg day 1 and hopefully be day 30 you can do 10reps on 100kg??
I know that works for me.
Also, notice that here charlie talks a lot (in running) of getting acceleration in place 1st, ie 30m work, then over time getting able to run further and further.
Also, Paul Anderson was a monster strong man. If he says something is good for developing absolute strength, i would more than likly listen to what he has to say.

Heres a link that talk about it.

yeah alright. i have done that before in squats. worked well.

How would i go about doing it using a Westside program? jsut do it for my Max Effort day for like 3-4 weeks?