Programming squat and DL

What do you think of a program of back squat monday and friday, and deadlift on wednesdays? Just trying to plan GPP for later on this year.

I usually prefer hex / trap bar deadlift. But, from what I understand is more quad dominant though than straight bar.


Hey Brett, I was wondering if you have thought about doing hurdle walkovers as part of your GPP in the spring and fall? Over and unders and you can use a medicine ball as well?

Yup yup I usually do some as part of the warmup in GPP

I’ve read over on the subject on DL and how a lot of people prefer to omit them due to CNS fatigue, but obviously you can still do it provided the volume and intensities are adjusted accordingly, especially with a 1x/wk density too. But I was wondering the complications of programming it in, because I see that it’s recommended you do more auxiliary exercises to counter any imbalances. I just plan on focusing on lifting more later this year when I go into GPP and haven’t deadlifted seriously since high school.

It could work but it would depend on the volume and what else you are doing.