Programming help (SPP S2L)

I’m a 17yo male with the prs of 100m: Never ran 200m: 26.2 400m: 55.7

I’m self training because of disagreements of past coaches and have a question about my programming. So far, during this off-season/gpp I’ve been doing two days of acceleration and 1-2 days of extensive tempo (every other week is 1 or 2 and vice versa). This soon transitioned to one day of acceleration and 1 day of max with the extensive tempo staying the same except the volume increasing as weeks go by. As my indoor season comes which starts during November and ends February, also my outdoor season starting at March and ending June, I was wondering how I progress my training. My first question is when I should be adding speed endurance to my training? I know for sure I will be adding intensive tempo as the indoor season begins, but adding speed endurance just feels like it will be too much, as it will be roughly 4 days of HI. However, I’m also torn by the fact that SE will help with my future indoor meets to come. I was maybe thinking of adding micro-dosed speed endurance days either at the end of my acceleration or max v workouts. For example, after doing 9x20m, at the end of the session I would do one 100m at 95%. Also, if I take the SE approach, would it be fine to just take away the intensive tempo sessions, so I would have 3 days of hard effort that would include, acceleration, max v, SE, and one easy day of extensive tempo? I’m a 200/400m sprinter with the main intentions of the 400. How should I progress my training?

Hi , write a sample weekly plan so we can have a better picture of what you’re doing

Monday: (4-6) 10m flys (might change to 20m b/c I feel like 10m is not enough)
Tuesday: extensive tempo 2x6x100m 1m rest btw reps and 3m rest btw sets
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Acceleration workout 9x20m soon progressing to 10x30m
Friday: Extensive tempo 10x200m 2m rest
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

The vague amount of reps on Monday is what I’m starting out as and soon progress to.

Sorry for replying late!
Regarding Speed endurance (ex. repeated 60’s) I usually start incorporating it in my programs after a Gpp phase I 'd avoid doing it during competition period and just stick to 1/2 reps with full acceleration like Charlie suggests.
Regarding Intensive tempo for the 400m I don’t really have experience with 400m runners you should check the lactate threshold thread where 400m preparation is discussed in depth with various examples of training programs from different coaches.
I like your approach of microdosing spec endurance (if that’s what you was referring to as speed endurance at the end of your workouts)and I’d add it after your max v workout , for ex a 300 or 200m at race pace for your 400m .
I’d Stick with your split , I like it has plenty of rest , if you’re competition is on the weekend I’d stick with the weekly template adjust the volumes and add the competition on the weekend to intesify the training schedule a little bit , prob switching Monday workout with a rest day if competition is on Sunday and shifting the training schedule a day (Depending obviously with your competition schedule)