Program to make me fast and furious

Hi! After ankle injury my speed and vertical jump have decreased a lot
So I decided to make a program that would make me jump higher and so on.
What you guru`s think

Clean 5x
Clean + jerk 6x (heavy)
Bench 5x (heavy)
Decline db 4x (heavy)

Snatch 5x
Pause squat 4x
Squats 3reps to failure (heavy)
Extensions 3x

Snatch 5x
Shoulder raise 3x
Triceps 4x (heavy)
Good Mornings 4x
Biceps 5x (heavy)

Clean + Jerk 8x
Hang cleans 5x
Jump Squats 4x

It looks like you are starting a peaking program with no progression. You will not be able to do it very long and if your ankle is already weak you will most likely injure it again.

awful, plleeeeasseeeee search the site, use the great well of information.

You’ve never heard of a row have you?

I know it looks like a peaking program. It should look because I have to be in good shape in weekends (we usually have bball games in saturday)…

Does this program really look so bad? What should I change? Everything?

Yes, I do know what is row. But I didn`t put it in the program because I usually do those “back exercises” before practices.