Program feedback

Recently began weights training with the following program which I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. I am looking to put some muscle on my lanky frame and am therefore going for more of a hypertrophy program at this stage.

4 x 8 Bench
3 x 8 Incline

4 x 8 Lat Pulldowns
4 x 8 Bench Pull

4 x 8 Bicep Curls

4 x 8 Shoulder Press
4 x 8 Arm Raise (for delts)

I do this program mon, wed, fri. I also do 4 x 8 squats on mon and fri and 4 x 8 deads on wed.

Feedback appreciated.

forgot to mention i also do some bridging and other core stuff before i start the program.

I was wondering why you were only doing 3 sets for incline press. You might do 4 for each and then superset your bench with rows and incline with chins/pulldowns.

I would be doing your shoulders before your arms. Your workout isn’t too long so doing a tricep exercise superset with your biceps.

I also don’t see any calf exercises.

Seems like a basic workout. What are your rest periods like between sets. This could dramatically change the outcome of this program.

I usually have about 2 to 3 minutes rest between bench and bench pulldown sets but less of a break for lats, arms and shoulders. I also usually have approx 2 min rest between squats and deads.

Would you suggest an equal rest period for all exercises and that I do each exercise so that the last couple of reps on my 4th set are really difficult?

The reason I only do 3 sets on incline is because I am not sure what the optimum amount of sets per session is best for chest. Since I do the same thing three times a week I do not want burnout or strain.

Is row a better exercise than bench pull? I have always thought that free weight was the way to go.

What is the most time you want to spend in the gym per session? I have heard that 45min should be max while others have said almost 2 hours.

Just tell me your end goal for this program and I’ll be able to answer your questions a lot better. Do you want to get bigger or stronger or what? Also, how long have you been lifting weights and how old are you?

Im 18 and pretty lanky so im looking to get bigger and then focus on strength training after a while. A mix of both but at the moment putting on a bit of muscle is the goal.

I lifted weights at the end of last year for a couple of months but then stopped due to other commitments. Ive only started up again about 3 weeks ago.

If you’re only 18 and have minimal workout experience, I’d raise your reps up to 12. Keep everything the same. I’d try to rest for around 2 mins between sets. No longer though.

Make sure to take in a high calorie beverage after your workout. This was the biggest factor for me when I wanted to gain weight. 600-800 calories. Give that a try.

I think you are also missing alot of hamstring and lower back work. you are not going to put on alot of weight by doing curls. Look where you will be able to put on weight. I would rotate in some stiff legged deads, glute ham raises, rdl’s, 1 legged squats, leg curls, bent over rows, back raises I would rotate the exercises in and out every 3 weeks. That would be a good start also include alot of body weight exercises (pullups, pushups, lunges) adding in more leg work will help add mass alot faster. and like said before you must eat more.