Program crit

Please will you crit my program.

Goals = More power for a higher vertical leap.

Nice post. Clean and to the point.


Note: Upper body will be added during phase 2.

Note: Intensity may be raised from:

Week1: 75%
Week2: 77.5%
Week3: 80%
Week4: 70% (Taper)


Week1: 80%
Week2: 82.5%
Week3: 85%
Week4: 80% (Taper)

Note: CNS Over-Reach? No sprint work will be performed, although there will be short amounts 50% cardio.

Note: Program may be made into a 3 day split, (days 1 and 5 with an upper on day 3) Depending on body signals i receive after week one.

I will be starting this tomorow, if anyone see’s any problems please could you try and point them out before then.

Thankyou in advanced for any help.

I have spotted out a few problems like intensitys etc. I will change them then re post the program soon.