problems after 40 m

hi, probably this is strange for you, but i have a problem after 40 m
i run 30 m in 4.15
i run 40 m in 5.30
i run 60 m in 7.75
i know the maximum spees is achieved between 30-60, but I loose speed yet in 40-60.
what is the possible problem? i don’t think it is lack of endurance. It is possible run technique? it is possible elastic development?

If you run 7.75 60m, you will be slowing down after 30-35m most likely because you will have already hit top speed, which is why fitness is so important when you are starting out.

so you think is lack of fitness?
how must do to improve it?

At the speeds listed, you would prob reach top speed by 35 to 40m and then likely decelerate.
It’s a matter of general fitness to improve the later stages of running at this point. See the right to left discussion on the Vanc 2004 download

Is that with first movement timing, hand timing (from a gun) or electronic timing? Part of the effect may also be increased timing accuracy with increased running distance if the timing is not electronic.

With 7.75, it really doesn’t matter much about the timing method- still the same issue.

i’m sure that part of the problem is the timing but it is other problem.
sorry but i don’t speak very well in inglish, can you explain what i must to see?
right to left is the part i don’t understand

Right of the training continuum is longer running and fitness etc- left is pure power and speed.

Charlie, so you are saying he needs to work on the right side, i.e. general fitness, etc.?

why you call “right side”?
so i must work on estensive tempo, no speed endurance!
i always trained, but i start whit 100metres 6 months ago, so I always think that my problem is speed endurance, but it’snt. i must to improve my fitnes, so i must go on tempo run and so on. and i must continue with acceleration or speed work?

“Why fight for tenths or hundredths at the start, when you can gain seconds in the later stages of the race through general conditioning”. C. F.

That’s self explanatory as charlie said, however how do you guys suggest increasing his general conditioning to the point where it helps him decrease his overall time? Are you saying increase the volume of tempo, increase general strwngth circuits, squeeze the density down on his tempo runs? Are you saying to do more speed end/se1 runs?

Personally I would say extend the gpp duration and increase it’s volume from last gpp. And hit it really hard if you need work on the right side of force continuum.


so i must back at GPP? ps can you write in very basic english? i don’t know very well english. or if you know spanish or italian. thanks

“right side” = from 35m till 100m
“left side” = start till 35m (for you)

Right side = tempo runs - 75% with short recoverys
medican balls - lots volume
Speed endurance work
Special endurance work

Work on the “right side” for you

thanks! you explain it very very well!
so i train on tempo run/speed endurance and special endurance and medicine ball. thanks

i got a question, are you supposed to drive your leg down and back against the ground after it passes over your knee?

at top flight - you cannot apply force long enough to affect top speed, as ground contact times are way too short.

This is point of great conjecture. From a purely biomechanical perspective yes. However, some argue that you shouldn’t try and consciously apply greater force to the ground because it disrupts the fluency of sprinting.