Problem with Tempo

Since I have implemented tempo into my training program I have felt very tired on high intensity days and my performance level has dropped in high intensity training. I think it may be that the intensity level of my tempo may be too high, so would someone please explain to me the correct logic of tempo? If tempo is to be done at around 70%, how would you figure the target time? For example if u were the 100m WR holder and was running a 100m on tempo day, would you take 9.78/.7=13.97 to find the approximate target time for the run? Or is this the wrong way to figure it?

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you should try to maintain posture by making sure the hips are tall. You do not want to run akward, so at reduced speeds if you think of “high knees” your hips may drop as a result.

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Sorry if the following is a stupid question. During tempo runs, are you supposed to run in sprint technique (high knees, on toes, etc)?

ok thanks a lot zoom! It was what I thought, intensity too high.

Good post Zoom!
Many athletes get caught up in the time and percentage when it will come down to “feel”. A good suggestion is to finish feeling warm, not heavy.


Also, don’t feel like you have to start with a full tempo workout the first time you go out. The recommended dose is about 2000m (eg. 20 x 100m) but you can, and should, work up to that volume. Start out with something you can easily handle, say 5 x 100m and then add reps as you get more tolerance.


true xlr8,
if you have an athlete who cannot handle 2000m, but does it anyway, posture will be affected and increased damage will be done to the organism.