Problem with paypal

Well, I ordered the GPP Essentials video on paypal this morning via eCheck, and there was some problem with my bank. Basically, I’m transferring 50$ today from my bank account to my paypal account, which may take 6-8 days.

Payment To Angela Coon Pending Until Oct 23, 2009

Transfer From Bank Account Processing

I’m really new at this stuff, and I don’t want the cheque to bounce. It still says my balance is 0$, so I’ll have to wait until the 50$ comes. I just don’t know what will happen if Angela gets it first and I have no $$. Any help?

I don’t think paypal does anything till the money isn’t pending so nothing comes through to us till then. When the money is in, paypal changes from pending and the money is available and your product goes out. Based on that, I assume there shouldn’t be any problem.

Alright, thanks.