Problem running in spikes.

Dear forum, i have the folloving problem: When the foot leaves the ground -instead of rising, the lower leg gets thrown to the side ,hindering a proper knee-lift.
This problem occurs when using spikes ,but disappears when running bearfoot.
Any solutions to why?

barefoot that is…

thor,how do you know this happens just with spikes-did you video the runs.not wearing spikes for a while will feel more details if you can

The last four weeks have been the first ever time for me wearing spikes. Also i have been videoed wearing regular running shoes and no such action occur.
Today several spectators observed what i myself have felt - my legs barely lift at full speed (it feels as if my feet sticks to the ground) because the lower leg “swing” to the outside.
After my last 60 meter run i took off my spikes running another 60 barefoot ,and what do you know (the rythm and relaxation were back) clocking a time two tenths better than my best wearing spikes.

thor that is a funny situation…i would suggest getting a pair of middle/long distance spikes.sprint spikes are raised alot with very little heel support,MD/LD shoes have more support around the heel and fore-foot which will be the closest thing you can get to flats.

thor try the long distance shoes and see where you go from there…its a strange one

Actually I have already ordered a pair of Nike Jsc’s hoping that everything will change using those.
Today i even got accused of running like a soccerplayer! I have never run like a soccerplayer! Not even while playing soccer !
I always fly when running! Even in millitary-boots on mud :baddevil::

good man

Does anybody know if running on a real track as opposed to running on asphalt takes more relaxation?

from expierience on training on both tracks over the last few years asphalt is basically dead.there is no rebound in asphalt,its lifeless and down-time is increased.on the other hand tartan has great rebounds and will feel springy when running on it.

the main thing about both surfaces is asphalt will cause you to try harder due to the dead effect you are getting thus making you feel and be slower than on tartan.the difference between both surfaces is like a mini verses a ferrari

Thank you for your answers X-man.
The answer probably lies in relaxation, in fact yesterday i also ran a slow 60 meters acceleration just feeling the response from the ground and the time i got was the same as when running full out.
The timer who thought it was just a fast jogg was so surprised over the speed i gained during the last 30 meters that he barely reacted in time.