Problem from 30-45m Cant transition

Guys I am having a problem transitioning from my drive to my next phase in the 100m. 0-30m I am with everyone, but from 30-45,50 I have been loosing a step on people. Then I hit 50 and I start to come back . It is like I my gears are slipping and I am stalling. What can I work on at practice to remedy this problem? Thanks

sounds like your start and speed end are good, but lose them in the middle when you reach top speed. so, work on your top speed. flyings 20s is a good way to start along with some fast 60s with full recovery

Are you pushing hard out the back in the early stages? If so, you are prob losing control of your stride as you move into the top speed portion of the race.

YEs I am. lately it seems like I am too low from the start and I cant get tall. When I get to the second part of the race I have to work hard to get my stride going.

i have this exact same problem havea good start and good finish but my middle section i lose ground on everyone is there anything that can be don to help this now that we are in winter training obviously coz wont be doing speed work unitl the warmer weather hits !?

Maybe you’re pushing to hard out the back instead of keeping your legs underneath you as you accelerate. Try a few reps at slightly sub-max with this technique and see if it helps with the transition.

When you say “out the back” - are you saying, the legs are following through too far behind ones self? Therefore recover the legs faster after ground contact and get them legs infront?


Yes, more or less. You don’t want to cut off the stride but you also don’t want to force the stride out the back. If you stay relaxed and don’t push too hard the stride should stay underneath you.