Preventing injuries

There is always a lot of talk about how to recover from injury which is important but it is the old ambulance at the bottom of the cliff scenario. What are the best ways to ensure injury doesn’t occur in the first place? Or is it just part of the territory and some sort of injury is unavoidable?

Some things I thought of are
Adequate rest
a structured recovery program (massage etc) appropriate warm up
good technique
reduced structural imbalances (they will always be there but deal with the glaring ones that cause issue)

Why is it some squads are known for hamstring injuries and others not? :confused:

The VAST majority of injuries are caused by poor planning and a poor training program. Imbalances are a VERY distant second.

appreciate that so are the main factors the others I mentioned?

A structurally balanced athlete is like a Leprechaun.

Structural Imbalances are only such AFTER injury.

It’s rare someone is said to have an imbalance pre-injury, and I’d safely say no athlete out there is ‘balanced’ … it’s fiction.

The ‘imbalance’ is only an issue AFTER the poor training program and fatigue forces the body to chronically or suddenly adapt or change it’s normal force patterns and the weakest part of the body cracks.