Pressing and elbow hyperextension in girls

It is well known that girls (read women) have greater flexibility. This is especially true for elbow ROM. Because of deeper elbow ‘fossa olecrani’ on humerus (corect me if I am wrong) or shorter ‘olecranon’ on ulna, or both, girls can easily achieve greater extension in elbow than men. Some girls have a quite great extension, over 180 deg - hyperetxension.
My girlfriend have this problem(?) too! She started weightlifting (yes, weightlifting not aerobic) under my supervision (how powerfull this sounds :slight_smile: ) and I notice this when she was pressing (bench, military…), so the question is:
Is this elbow hyperextension normal, thus, should it be allowed in pressing action or should it be stoped at 180? Is there any injury potential when pressing with this issue?

I’d stop just before 180 to keep tension on the lift at all times and make sure the lifting is under control at all times. I’d be very careful with anyone with hyperextensibility.

Tnx Charlie!
Do you know any cue for this issue? Should be enough to say ‘Stop at 180?’?

Extend/flex arms to 99% of lockout.

Prob the best que is to tell her to be sure to feel the weight at all times. You tend to feel the weight much less at the very top.

Tnx both of you! I will try it and say how it was…