Press up with claps

When’s the best time to do these little funpacked goodies -
I know Charlie advocated sets of pressups to failure on a tempo day -
how about these done as a plyo after a bench press ?
Good idea or better a few sets done on a recovery day ?

Which bit was the good idea Clemson ?
After bench or on t days or both lol ?

This has to do more with powerlifting but what about bench lockouts performed on the ground. Another common technique to break through walls. I have found though the best way to break through a barrier usually involves resting your cns. So instead of taking say 7 days for bench you take 14 days rest.

Gloop, he means after the bench. They would be a bit dramatic for a tempo day.

A couple of sets of clap push ups are also a great CNS wake up at the track prior to accel work.

Thanks DC - that makes sense -
I’m really getting into the idea of following a general strength excercise with a plyo or a sprint ( only as far as acc goes tho )
For the first time today I tried 30m accellerations after pc’s & plyo’s after squats / jump squats .
I didn’t overload and was surprised at how fresh I was during and after the workout , and at the quality of the work .
I’m not sure how often to do this yet maybe alternate weeks .

Tim - I find the 14 cycle good for deadlifts but my bench improves regularly on the 7 day rest in a 3-1 week cycle at present .

You can do them onto a box for height, like box jumps with your upper body. If you do this at the appropriate height I think it can be done instead of bench on a particular day. Then you can also get up instead of dropping down which usually creates a lot of soreness.

What would be the optimum no of reps and sets for this sort of thing -
Would it be a good idea to bench then press-ups / bench then press ups - say 3 x 3 in both ?
Or Bench normally then treat the pressups as u would a plyo ?

I have seen it done both ways, although wherever you put them into the program, you want to keep the set/rep scheme low enough to keep them explosive. I have done them before lifting with my other plyo routine, and then during sets of bench for some transfer work.

TY D I’ll experiment and see what works best for me -
I always keep it in the 2 - 5 bracket where reps are concerned - it’s funny how the body builders react when they spot u -
’ how many u going for ?.. 3 ? 3 ? ’ lol

Sounds good as long as you dont follow the Saint’s Rep Scheme (eerrrr math problem) 5x5x5x5x5x5x5…