Prefontaine 08: starters

(updated 6/6/08 – 8:00 p.m. PDT)


Michael Frater (Jamaica)
Mark Jelks
Shawn Crawford
Darrel Brown (Trinidad)
Ivory Williams
Wallace Spearmon
Jeff Demps
Rodney Martin

Wallace Spearmon
Xavier Carter
Rodney Martin
Shawn Crawford
Chris Berrian
Joel Brown
Angelo Taylor
Chris Williams (Jamaica)

Angelo Taylor
Gary Kikaya (Congo)
Kerron Clement
Tyler Christopher (Canada)
LaShawn Merritt
David Neville
Darold Williamson
Renny Quow (Trinidad)

Nick Symmonds
Khadevis Robinson
Gary Reed (Canada)
Alfred Yego (Kenya)
Yusuf Kamel (Bahrain)
Ismael Kombich (Kenya)
Matt Scherer
Brandon Shaw
Yokota Masato (Japan)

Alan Webb
Daniel K. Komen (Kenya)
Shedrack Korir (Kenya)
Alex Kipchirchir (Kenya)
Matt Tegenkamp
Lopez Lomong
Belal Mansour (Bahrain)
Kevin Sullivan (Canada)
Nick Willis (New Zealand)
Jon Rankin
Will Leer
Jackson Kivuna (Kenya)—pace

Bernard Lagat
Craig Mottram (Australia)
Saif Shaheen (Qatar)
Paul Koech (Kenya)
Chris Solinksy
Jonathan Riley
Ed Moran
Collis Birmingham (Australia)
Luke Puskedra (Utah HS)
Josephat Kithii (Kenya)—pace
Bolota Asmerom
Rashid Ramzi (Bahrain)

10000 METERS
Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia)
Gashu Jeilan (Ethiopia)
Abreham Feleke (Ethiopia)—pace
Mark Kiptoo (Kenya)
Barnabas Kosgei (Kenya)
Kiplimo Kimutai (Kenya)
Tadese Tola (Ethiopia)
Tilahun Regassa (Ethiopia)
Abdi Abdirahman
Meregu Zewdie (Ethiopia)
Meftah Abdellatif (Ethiopia)
Robert Sigei (Kenya)
Abdellatif Meftah (Ethiopia)
Louie Luchini—pace
Boaz Cheboiya (Kenya)—pace
Ridouane Harroufi (Morocco)

Liu Xiang (China)
Allen Johnson
David Payne
Shi Dongpeng (China)
Anwar Moore
Aries Merritt
Ryan Wilson
Antwan Hicks

Donald Thomas (Bahamas)
Jesse Williams
Jamie Nieto
Andrey Silnov (Russia)
Ivan Ukhov (Russia)
Tora Harris
Germaine Mason (Great Britain)

Brad Walker
Giovanni Lanaro
Jeff Hartwig
Tommy Skipper
Derek Miles
Mark Hollis
Russ Buller
Tim Mack
Jacob Pauli

Christian Cantwell
Reese Hoffa
Adam Nelson
Dan Taylor
Dorian Scott (Jamaica)
Dylan Armstrong (Canada)


Allyson Felix
Carmelita Jeter
Torri Edwards
Lauryn Williams
Sherone Simpson (Jamaica)
Kerron Stewart (Jamaica)
Oludamola Osayomi (Nigeria)
Peta-Gaye Dowdie (Jamaica)

Sanya Richards
Dee Dee Trotter
Mary Wineberg
Shereese Woods
Novlene Williams (Jamaica)
Ebonie Floyd
Shericka Williams (Jamaica)
Natasha Hastings

Maria Mutola (Mozambique)
Nicole Teter
Hazel Clark
Alice Schmidt
Miho Sato (Japan)
Diane Cummins (Canada)
Chanelle Price
Shannon Rowbury
Melanie Hardy—pace

Maryam Jamal (Bahrain)
Gelete Burka (Ethiopia)
Christin Wurth-Thomas
Lauren Fleshman
Amy Mortimer
Erin Donohue
Treniere Clement
Carmen Douma-Hussar
Tatyana Tomashova (Russia)
Lisa Corrigan (Australia)
Meskerem Assefa (Ethiopia)
Nancy Lagat (Kenya)
Nikea Green—pace

Mesaret Defar (Ethiopia)
Olga Komyagina (Russia)—pace
Vivian Cheruiyot (Kenya)
Peninah Biwott (Kenya)
Georgie Clarke (Australia)
Kara Goucher
Lisa Galiviz—pace
Cack Ferrell—pace
Amy Begley—pace

Brigitte Foster-Hylton (Jamaica)
Joanna Hayes
Damu Cherry
Candice Davis
Nicole Denby
Priscilla Lopes-Schliep (Canada)
Dawn Harper
Lacena Golding-Clarke (Jamaica)

Suzy Powell
Becky Breisch
Aretha Thurmond
Anna Soderberg (Sweden)
Stephanie Brown-Trafton
Vera Cechlova (Czech Republic)
Gia Lewis

Betty Heidler (Germany)
Ivana Brkljacic (Croatia)
Cari Soong
Britney Henry
Olga Kuzenkova (Russia)
Bethany Hart
Amber Campbell
Loree Smith
Sara Verress
Britney Hinchcliffe

demps is a high schooler who has a supposedly legal 10.17 to his credit, but the windgauge was probably malfunctioning looking at the tape, and he doesn’t have another sub 10.4 this season, although he does have a legal 10.25 from last year.

puskedra is trying to get the high school 2mile record, but the pace at pre will be so much faster than what he can run that i’m not really sure why he’s attempting the record here.

I thought they said Liu wasn’t running for a long time?

Chanelle Price in the women’s 800, broke the national high school record at the PA state track meet. Should be something to watch her run.

Also looks like it will be televised from 1-3 Pacific Time.

And the 200m goes off at 2:30 something at the present.

So just enough time for them to have the start times delayed a bit and have coverage stopped as they are lining up for the 200, if history is any indication.

lol national record is 2 flat by kim gallagher back in the day, she’s run 2:02. she broke the national federation record or some crap, which is basically a bastardized record for “high school only” meets, that are “certified” by NSSF.

here’s whats gonna happen with price, she’ll take it out in 56-57 and be a good rabbit for 600m and then get overhauled by the field as she runs atrociously bad positive splits, just like every other race she’s ever run, the end result of course depending on the level of competition in the race.

edit: i’m pretty sure she didn’t even get the national federation record. her best shot would be at USATF juniors or nike outdoor nationals if she could get someone to take in 57 for her and let her draft.

Any predictions on the 400m?

  1. Merritt
  2. Christopher or Clement
  3. Clement or Christopher
  4. Taylor

The young kid Demps ran well, he should give up the football and focus on track.

Looks like demps is for real- 3rd in 10.19

what does Spearmon need to work on to become a better 100m runner?

I don’t know what his emphasis is but he came on in the 100m late in the season last year it seems. i assume he’s planning to stick with 200m prep,

Do you think he could become a 9.8-9.7 guy in the 100m.

Charlie, why do you think the last 3 US meets have had so many false starts compared to the European meets? Is it just a coincidence or are the starters less competent or what?

I think BK is trying to make allyson felix into a 100m runner, she is more of a 200/400m.

Can you post the full result please?

It’s cool found it!

100 MetresOfficial Results - Men - 100 Metres - Wind : -0.5 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Darrel Brown TRI 10.07 10
2 Ivory Williams USA 10.10 8
3 Jeffery Demps USA 10.19 7
4 Wallace Spearmon USA 10.24 6
5 Shawn Crawford USA 10.24 5
6 Michael Frater JAM 10.24 4
7 Rodney Martin USA 10.27 3
8 Mark Jelks USA 10.31 2

Official Results - Men - 400 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 LaShawn Merritt USA 44.65 10
2 Angelo Taylor USA 45.14 8
3 Renny Quow TRI 45.41 7
4 Tyler Christopher CAN 45.52 6
5 Gary Kikaya COD 45.55 5
6 David Neville USA 45.74 4
7 Kerron Clement USA 45.77 3
8 Darold Williamson USA 46.93 2

Official Results - Men - 800 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Alfred Kirwa Yego KEN 1:44.01 10
2 Yusuf Saad Kamel BRN 1:44.18 8
3 Khadevis Robinson USA 1:44.55 7
4 Nick Symmonds USA 1:45.01 6
5 Gary Reed CAN 1:45.68 5
6 Ismael Kipngetich Kombich KEN 1:46.07 4
7 Matthew Scherer USA 1:46.11 3
8 Masato Yokota JPN 1:47.35 2
9 Brandon Shaw USA 1:49.00
Elliot Blount USA DNF