Precomp and competition phase

My question is about precomp and competition phase. I understand these follow GPP and SPP. But, how long do these typically last? I’ve seen the charts in the Forum Review, etc., but I’m still confused about this.

Also, question about meets. I read that one should aim at 4-5 meets before peaking in the 100m. I would assume these would happen in the Precomp, and the peak meet occuring in the competition phase.

Any information on this would be very helpful.

I’m not sure what everyone’s definitions are of pre competition are but for me pre competition is SPP. Usually towards the end of SPP you are doing some runs over the distance you compete at so this acts as a WARM UP for the actual racing. Then once you are ready to compete (as in you have planned your training so you will be ready on time!) you move into the competition phase and alter you training to allow recovery from the races (see Van’04 dvd for the weekly changes). This year we tried to get 1-2 comps a week for 4-5 weeks (total of about 7-10 races) going into our taper for the national champs and then another short block of comps (2 races) before the Euros.

So, from looking at the graphs of Vancouver 2004, short to long for the indoor season, would you consider weeks 7-12 to be precomp phase? And in that time period is when you would introduce meets. Then after the 12th week, you would begin the peaking phase. Just curious if I’m understanding you correctly. If not, please correct me.

I’d start racing after week 12 then after about 3-4 weeks drop out into a 10 day taper.