Pre-Competition and Length of Comp Period

Hey Charlie,

Great video! I want to just ask a couple of questions that were not covered in the video, but are relevant to how one plans and goes through the SPP.

  1. There was no pre-competition period explained or even acknowledged (straight into comp.). Is this simply the end of SPP where the volume is reduced and you get ready for the meets?

  2. How long can the competition period be following a short-to-long program as you described in the video? I assume if you are planning to be able to run into late February/early March (nationals and world’s), you will need to be able to handle a period of at least 10 weeks. Is this a valid conclusion?

  3. How relaxed are the split-rep runs (the 60s)? Are we talking 95% relaxed or is it as hard as you can go in a controlled manner? It seems like this could change the accel distance a lot–ie a relaxed 95% 30m accel may be slower than a maximal accel to 20m.

I have some more, but I’ll wait for help on this!

To answer your first question CF said in the Van download that the end of spp could be pre comp because of the lowering of sprint and strength training volume.

Yes. I never saw the reason for the pre-comp designation because it evolved from classical periodization rather than the verticle integration I use. I move straight from the SPP to Comp so you could say the pre-comp is built in.