Practical Session 2: Running Drills and Starts

The video begins with several athletes performing A skips, A runs, B skips and B runs. What appears to be easy drills to most is broken down into common errors made by the athletes in the videos. I found it most interesting how Charlie talks about athletes have different movement speeds based on their issues.

There is a short segment with one athlete on the sled and you can see the sled correct the sprinters issues.

Next is a segment with blocks. To me this is more in-depth than the Fundamentals video. Further, there are several athletes who perform starts so you are able to see a wide range of abilities and cues to correct it. There are several moments where blocks are being adjusted according to the athletes start and strength levels. Charlie also recommends subtle fixes for athletes’ starts that do not involve starting blocks.

Of course there are short one liners made famous by the man himself. “In prison or on the track,…” :smiley:


thank you that was my main question.

The good thing about all of the videos is that they are spontaneous and not scripted. These are real athletes with real problems that need to rectified. Charlie uses the common-sense approach, with no sensationalism or marketing attached to it.