PR question.....

Do most of you guys/girls set new sprint records during the offseason…especially WINTER?? Or do you notice some real PRs only during the spring/summer?

most ppl get PRs during their peak

For me its usually around early May at League Finals (obviously that would be my peak so it makes sense), but sometimes I do get PRs during the season too.

Ahh alright, thats what I thought. Thanks. Can’t wait til its warm again :slight_smile:

If you’re still developing, it’s extremely possible, perhaps even expected, to set PB’s year round (although you may not have comps year round).

In the past I have set small PR’s fairly steadily throughout the season, with the really good times coming during my peak. I tend to PR more in the winter season than the spring- by then I have been training too hard for too long to be fresh enough to PR so much.