Power Training without Weights

We do a lot of power work with our swimmers that involves rope climbing and pull ups. What I am wondering is, with an arm movement involving alternating concentric contraction with relaxation, should we be doing the eccentric lowering part of these exercises, or should we be dropping down to a start position and starting up again.

How high is the rope? Weighted vests involved? Thanks to the new gymnastics center we will be running and then jumping to catch the rope before we sprint up…we just slide down (without kiling our hands) each rep.

Good question, not too sure if it matters though. I know on most ropes it’s hard to get down without doing the eccentric lowering. Be carefull abou tletting go of the rope while on it, some major injuries can happen that way. I do believe however more strength can be built if both going up the rope and then down the rope when tired, just based on endurance capacities alone. Boy…do I really love rope climbing though…lol

We use a 20 foot high rope that is over the pool so no problem with the ‘dropping’ aspect. We have not used weight vests yet, but will be in the upcoming season.

I am wondering on the benefit of the lowering aspect of the exercise versus the fatigue created. My thought was to have them do max climbs and drop down.

I would bump the weight vest and concentrate on climbing speed. If the individual seems to be getting really good speed, have them climb in either a pike position or straddle position which increses the effort many fold. What I do when I am climbing is climb the robe as fast as I can then lower myself in a pike position. It adds a little core work into the mix, Hope this helps! In the dropping down, impact of the fall isn’t the only way the get injured. Getting your legs tangled in the rope can lead to a nasty castration :eek: