Power lifting for sprint training

Charlie mentions in his speed book that maximum strength or power, if i’m using the terms correctly, are done prior to indoor season and prior to outdoor season. I believe he’s talking about doing heavy weights and low reps, if this is the case, what would you do during the actual season, go up to reps of 8-10? Also, i have two more little questions, first when one does auxilary lifts should he do them for reps of 8-10, regardless of what he is doing for major lifts. And finally with all this talk about CNS fatigue, i know doing power lifts (low reps) fatigues the CNS, as well as track speed workouts. I know your CNS should be fully recoverd before you begin another workout that uses the CNS. How does one balance speed work on the track and power lifting in the weight room, i know they shouldn’t be done on the same day but would it be ok to do one a day after the other or would that overload the CNS? If anyone can give any input i’ll be thankful

actually you are supposed to do both on the same day in order to keep cns intensive activites together, track then weightroom, instead of raising reps/volume, you can continue to lift heavy but go into maintainance doing less sets with the same reps(ie from 5-6x3-6 to 3x3-6).

You could design your program as follows:

Mon: Track
Tues: Weights
Weds: Tempo
Thurs: Track
Fri: Weights
Sat: Tempo
Sun: Rest

On the GPP DVD, I give three possible lifting scenarios, based on the speed demands as the training period progresses.

To Charlie or David,

For an ectomorph would this be ideall? I can no longer recover from 3 weights + 3 speed sessions (if I ever could), so it’s o.k to do 2 of each and on differant days. What if the weights workouts are of speed in nature, jump squats or cleans etc… still o.k to do them on differant days to the sprinting? I do low volume lifting but it’s still pretty brutal what with all the core work aswell.

What, may I ask, is an ectomorph?

It’s a body-type, Gov. Those are the types that can eat a house and not gain any weight and are usually either very lean or just plain skinny. I’m actually one at 5-10, 155.

400Stud, there is no such thing as a hard gainer. Just someone who is too lazy to eat more calories than they expend. If this means 800-1000cals per meal 6-8 meals a day, then so be it.

1st law of thermodynamics.

Determine how many calories you burn during the typical training day, and exceed that caloric number by 20% for your intake. Without a question, You WILL gain weight.


try reading chris t’s e-book “The Black Book of Training Secrets”, available in this store…

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you gotta ask urself, do i wanna gain weight when i do weights, or get stronger and stay the same weight. power to weight ratio…

jman - at the same time, isn’t there some people who are born with naturally faster metabolisms enabling them to burn more calories than others at a quicker rate? aka the ectomorph? True, it is lazy to not eat the required calories if weight gain is your goal, but at the same time, there is SOME natural occurence that can hinder this…

400Stud, yes it is true that genetics/biological variability predetermine whether some individuals gain/lose bodymass “easier” than others. However, uniformed-over commercialized bodybuilding texts/magazines have mislead the majority of the strength training population into believing that we are slave to our genetics. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

It comes down to energy in- energy out. 1st Law of Thermodynamics


well this guy has no problems putting on weight I imagine

who is he and is he any good with all that weight on him???

people with fast metabolisms tend to fidgit alot more. my brother (at one point he was 5’10 120lbs) and i seem to be that way. its like the body doesn’t to want that extra weight. but at the same time when you do start working out you don’t put on much fat.

check out the CP article on hard gainers;

Does fast metabolism have any direct or indirect correlation to fast twitch muscle fibres?

Phosphatidyl serine (Recomended by Charles Poliquin to help deal with exsesive cortisol levals.)
Is this product on the IOC bannned substance list?

I doubt it, becuase look at Kim Collins and then look at Mike Tyson.
Tyson can easily bloat out to 18 stone when not training for several months.

There’s skinny and bulky with the fast twitch athletes.

There is a correlation between AGE and metabolic rate (Tyson is coming upto 40!)

jman -

I know we’re not slaves to our metabolism, but it does play its role in our weight gain/loss. I’m not saying it’s the only thing, but it does play a part. I am like t-bone said in that I don’t gain at all, including bodyfat. I will, however, start eating more pretty quick here to see if I can gain SOME weight, because as small as I am, I don’t think a few extra pounds will hurt.

You’ve mention that you can do track w/o then go to the weight room on the same day. Is this a form of Complex Training?

In Dr Chu’s Book “Explosive Power and Strenght”, he has a person do the lifting first to stimulate the CNS then complete the Plyometrics.

Does this accomplish the same as what your stating, or am I on a completely differant track.


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mike i’d purchase some of charlie’s books, they’ll change you’re life!