Powell weakened by blood tests

Powell weakened by blood tests

Jamaican sprint star Asafa Powell has claimed he has given so much blood to the drugs testers he will not be at his best for the 100metres final.

Powell, who twice broke the 100m world record, says he has been tested four times since arriving in Beijing two weeks ago and expects to be tested again on Wednesday. As a result, he is worried about the effect on himself and his team-mates.

“Two days ago, I got pretty upset because since I’ve been here they’ve tested me four times,” he said.

“They take blood. I’m saying that they’re taking so much blood, we’re going to be very weak before the final of the 100m,” he added.

“I’m almost sure I might be tested tomorrow (Wednesday). I don’t know about anyone else but they’re really doing it in my case and with my team-mates Michael Frater and Usain Bolt.”

Powell added: "They’re saying they’re doing about 4000 tests.

some real non sense going on in this case, i definitely see this as turning the favour into gay, i dont believe has has given the same number as powell and isnt this where politics comes into sports? Give US guys the advantage.

lol, wow thanks for making my day brighter.

Sounds to me as if Powell, who I think is the weakest mentally of the three main contenders, is already preparing his excuses.

Trackman, you are funny. Unless you are serious, in which case you are ridiculous.

That’s what one would THINK too. But he wouldnt claim he would win the 100 just a day before.

BTW, its already claimed jamaicans have been tested more due to greater suspicion because random testing is done a lot less APPARENTLY in that country.

Maybe his blood loss will help him lose weight like how he lost 10lbs between Osaka and Rieti:D

At the Athens meeting Tsiklitiria (July something), they had gone to Bolt’s hotel at midnight following the meeting, and they took samples from ALL the athletes EXCEPT the americans… come on now… :mad:

This is from a valid source…

I would have people put blood back in me then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well any idea how this will affect the outcome? I heard the body can reproduce 500ml blood in a day or something like that ?

thats why dix stay away


politics politics politics

theres a reason i dont like it:)

We’re treading on thin ground here. I will only say there will be no American positives at the Olympics. Let’s just drop it now.

Damn I hope this doesnt cause us to get a bad 100. I see now way in hell that gay could win, but if they continue to suck all the life out the Jamaicans then it will happen. Sounds like a story from speedtrap.

lol I like this outlook. All about turning negatives into positives.

I checked the IOC anti-doping protocols. Blood testing requires drawing 4 samples of 3 ml each. This will not have an adverse affect on physical capabilities or performance, though in Powell’s case it may annoy him to death.

Other countries always look for excuses. :wink:

I like Powell but we know he can be prone to whining.

He needs to shut up and drink some damn OJ and quit the bitching.

I think we should call this discussion to a close. I think we have all the info we need here.