Powell runs 9.78

These I captured at about the same point in the race.

Well in the vid that you posted he had the same running style he has now. He had a nice amount of reach straight out in front on the video from 08. Now i do see a difference from the vid i posted and the vid u posted. Maybe his hips got looser in 08 as compared to 07.

I have been told from a very high source, that there have been no changes to Powell’s training, and that the ones closest to him believe he will be challenging the world record in Korea. In fact, they seem to think that he is far from ready and specifically state that his weight is holding him back, as he weighed in around 216 recently.

im wondering if this is the case would it be beneficial to put a few $$ on him to do break the WR…

He certainly looks huge right now. Hopefully they have corrected the “running rounds” issue.

They didn’t discuss making drastic changes to his training to try to lose the weight did they?

If that is his current weight, I would be concerned about him possibly incurring an injury running at the speeds he’s running. Every rep in training 60m and greater could be risky. Hopefully he can strip the weight down appropriately.


How would you systematically and logically bring down the weight?

I would go to maintenance weights and follow a gradual progression like Charlie outlines in the weights vids.

Or do like Pfaff and gradually reduce and eliminate most static lifts and favor Oly lifts, plyos and throws over the static lifts.

Both approaches have proven successful in comp phases but I am not sure you would drop more than 5 lbs or so.

They said no changes have been or will be made in training or diet. When I asked how he will plan to lose weight, they said “he will be away for most of the time up until wc, so he won’t have anybody cooking for him like he does back home” :slight_smile:

We shall see…

He doesn’t look fat just BIG! Probably as cut as he has been in the past. I would be more afraid of making drastic changes than just simply tapering down and letting it take care of itself.

Yes, he is very muscular.

Drastic change is never good especially leading up to world championships. Hopefully, with a proper taper, and a going a little more conservative on the food side will yield great results.

lr1400 - it is very difficult to lay out a definite approach without having more information on what Powell is currently doing (training loads, exercise selection, diet, etc.) and what he has done for the past 6 months. I don’t know what his tyical “fighting” weight is, but I’m a bit shocked he’s been allowed to get up to 216lbs. I would have thought he would normally be about 190-195lbs.

Having said that, you could do either of the methods you’ve outlined above. And you are right, there should not be significant weight loss as a result. It’s not like combative sports where you can drop 20lbs of water weight, weigh-in and then compete the next day after putting much of the weight back on. Drastic weight loss can be problematic in terms of energy and adjustments in training and sprint technique. I think it goes back to, “Why was he allowed to get up to 216lbs?” A quick google search says that he normally is 190lbs - which is what I thought he was when he ran 9.72. How can this current weight be better?

Certainly makes for an interesting lead-in to the World Championships.

America is fighting for 5th place…yikes

“why was he allowed to get up to 216?” Great Question Number Two.

The more and more I learn of what is really going on with MVP, the more questions I have. Sometimes we like to think that these athletes are a product of an incredible coach and program, when in fact it really just might be incredible genetics and competitve training environment. I don’t want to hijack this thread and start a debate on coaching vs genetics, but from what has been relayed back to me, the program does not seem to be as sound and thorough as one would think. In any event, something is working and as Charlie would say "if it aint broke dont fix it. "

I have always noticed in the past 5 or so years that right after a major championship asafa gets really cut. His traps start to stand out and his back is wider than usual. It always happens each year right after the major championship. Which is also the same time charlie said would be his best races races 18 or so.

The straighter leg is the change, when he did this recently in the last couple of meters it was suggested he was tensing up.

Would be nice to “embed” someone from the forum in their training group to relay back to us what is really going on. As “speedster12” noted, I’m sure it isn’t rocket science, and some of it may just be plain laughable.

When we were working with Tim and Marion, we heard some interesting stories about what they were doing with Trevor Graham. I spent a good deal of those conversations responding with “… you’re kidding? You guys actually did that?”

Do you really think you will get the correct answers. I doubt anyone who is still successful will give away everything that will make another coach more successful than them.

I wouldn’t expect any coach to freely give up their annual plan and detailed workouts. However, if we did have the opportunity to watch them run, I suspect we would see a long but gradual warm-up, including some drills, followed by some starts, and then some high quality runs with long recoveries between. I would also assume the weight workouts would be fairly simple in structure, but we would not be blown away by the loads they are using. Their technique would also likely be unspectacular, but satisfactory. If they were doing anything else, I would be surprised.

When Powell lays off the extra supps the weight will fall off…