Powell runs 9.78



americans are fighting for 4th at worlds

Ato had an interesting comment during the American broadcast. He was speculating Powell may have new found confidence after the Jamaican trials where he pressed to the finish and came from behind to win, a rarity for him.

Powell still has to run the rounds and make it happen in the final. History tells us that he’s not a lock.

i really cant see asafa doing anything at the worlds…will he even get that far due to injury etc!

asafa usually runs fast in lausanne. but this is very fast. michael frater has been progressing nicely too. i think this is the second time he pb’d this year. Hopefully he will get another pb in daegu. btw christophe lemaitre is such a consistent sprinter.

Frater was 5th at the Jamaican trials and will not run in Daegu.

I think that’s unfortunate for both him and Jamaica. Just when he’s finding his form.

Powell may surprise us all at worlds.

History also tells us he got third at the last wc. Did u forget about that?

i see a change in technique from 30m

Another change in technique or Powell…he looks very comfortable with this change…very ‘Gatlin’ like bound. Emphasis on front side mechanics. Not as dominant from the blocks as he used to be…a slight shift away from that maybe?
How many times have we seen him dominate from the blocks and lose.

Very strong second half. I think its looking good for him at the Worlds providing we dont hear about any silly lifts taking place in the weights room.

Agreed and Jason UK makes a fine analogy regarding the ‘Gatlinesque’ type front side mechanics; although I do recall Asafa running this way in years past so I’m not sure that it is something new, per se. I state this because a few years ago I would use video clips of Powell as demonstrations to my athletes and interns making a point to illustrate the front side mechanics/short lever arm during heel recovery.

It truly is a thing of beauty to watch Powell and Bolt compete when they are in top form.

Powell changed the way he ran which made it look more like the style Bolt uses, problem was he lost control around 7 steps from the finish line. I personally think Bolts style will achieve a greater top speed but I love watching Powell run, almost as graceful as Lewis.

The problem with Powell’s many adjustments to technique is the fear that he will revert back to his original technique once he is pressed by someone like Bolt. This could be also complicated by the running of rounds at a major event like the WC’s or Olympics where he has to measure each round appropriately, ensuring that he qualifies easily without blowing his engine in the rounds leading up to the final. Remember, he has run faster than 9.78 with a different approach, but still fell short in the big meet.

I don’t believe anyone is doubting Powell’s ability (except perhaps himself). It is his ability to “show up” for the big meets that is the big question mark. This is why Charlie highlighted the importance of choosing the correct quantity and quality of competitions leading up to the big meets – where he will want to peak. Obviously running against too much easy competition in meets leading up to the WC’s is not a good plan. But at the same time, running against sprinters that are beating you all the time may not be the best for the psyche leading into a major competition - particularly since it will play havoc on mechanics by tightening you up. There is really not much that can be said on the day of the race to improve your chances of winning. However, there are lot of things that can be said to ruin your chances of finishing well. “Think twice, speak once.”

I, like many of you, will be pulling for Powell. I don’t know how many of us would put money on him to win gold given his previous record at big meets - that is the reality. I think the best advice for him would be to “run his own race” and not get too fancy with tweaking technique or training any more. Run the remaining races smart. Get the physical therapy he needs on a daily basis. Don’t get fancy.

This is my favorite from the Asafa Files…Totally different technique.Not heavily pronounced front side mechanics,High heel recovery much quicker with the ground contacts. Dominant from the blocks. This for me was Prime Time Asafa.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2QENrUORZg&NR=1 - Lausanne 2008

Well to tell you the truth he has always had great front side mechanics. The only real difference to me is that he may be holding off a lil at the start. But its the same form he has had for years.


I tend to agree. Are his apparent changes due to improved relaxation, modifications to training elements or race plan adjustments (or all of the above) as opposed to overt adjustments to mechanics?

Chris - have to disagree slightly here…I was going to post this clip also to compare the changes in technique. Although the front side mechanics are still aparent, the action is much more so Up and Down (just like Charlie prescribed) The technique resembles in my eyes to a riding of a small bike.With the new technique (2011) there is a definate action out at the front with a straighter leg.