Powell Runs 9.77 Secs In Uk!!!! Chambers Runs 10.07 Secs

Asafa Powel ran a 9.77 secs in the UK AWESOME. Dwaine Chambers ran 10.05 secs!!!

Big Stuff!! What were the conditions. Above, there was a post suggesting that Powell worked through the earlier meets to taper here. Seems logical and might explain why he was so pissed when Gatlin switched it up. Can’t wait for Athens!

i see the race on my TV and there is an only adjective for asafa: awesome
now we can say: HE IS BACK!

wind was +1.5 m/s and RT= 0.145 s
I think track isn’t fast but asafa was in fantastic conditions here
he ran 10"36 in semiF with a wind of -2.7 (or 2.9), stopping after the drive
fantastic race

I saw the wind readings- I meant the air temperature. that’s a big consideration

Pretty warm, Charlie, especially for Gateshead… 25-28 degrees for sure!
I am sure he can run even better!
After watching the race, we can all say a bit more. Personally I think it’s “better” vs. Gatlin’s one…
If Athens is the next one, great! Otherwise, 28 July I think in London…
Great stuff!!

The temp was hot, a little bit like in north of France. Conditions were perfect as all the finalists did season bests in that race which is pretty unusal.
Many congrats to Asafa and see you in Athens…

Pierrejean,would you try to find some splits? So we can try to compare a little the three different 9"77 .
It would be also interesting to know the reactions times.

Oh yes, and after a false start (by Chambers)!

How convenient. Another conspiracy perhaps?

(Again I should note I am joking about this, but I couldn’t resist).

Wow! I guess he must of purchased the same fan that Gatlin and Fasuba used as he was the only guy under 10s!?! ( :smiley: for all you conspiracy theorists) Two 9.77 in one career. To be honest I wouldn’t have predicted this judge from how he looked to date.

I hav 2 questions:

How might they determine/select the field for the Powel/Gatlin race?..and

What was the date which he first broke the world record?..has it been a year yet :confused: :confused:

Reaction time 0.145.

Looking at the race from the camera on the side wich is moving wiht them …in the last 20m it seem he is trying to maitain very fast ground contact times…so is like he is not fully extending his ankle.Also the knee apperas less entended,and the recovery leg appears to pass lower.
Ah,i may off course be wrong,because the angle of the video is also changing in the last 20m .

Yes it is very warm in the UK at the moment, we would call it a heat wave in comparison to other countries… The air is very warm.

Yes his technique is very much like Gatlin. They seem to be bouncing along. The BBC has very good slow motion, even at slower frames he does not seem to be fully extending.

My respect for Chambers grows even more. He has matured. If he had performed with such mental strength in past olympics and worlds he would have more medals. Well done Dwaine…

Posted few days ago on Caribbean T&F forum

From the “Grape Vine”…Asafa’s new techniques…
Wed Jun 7, 2006 17:52

One of my sources told me that, “Powell will driving differently from the blocks”…expect more knee drives and clawing action there…“While using the minimum amount of force in that phase”… his transition to top speed will be more pronounce than usual…you will see him pull away as if others are standing still. Once he masters these new techniques…Powell said he can attain 9.8’s at will.

It is only a “RUMOR”, I cannot really verify if this is the truth, the source appears to be credible though.
If I had to change one thing on him, it would be hit contact point on the track.
Powell has a lot of turnovers, if he can “grap the track” in his sprinting phase… 12" above his center of gravity, that can work wonders for him.

Maurice was the master of that and now Gatlin has gotten better in that area also. I’m really amazed about Gatlin’s improvements this season.

Pierre can you elaborate on what you mean by “grap the track”

Finally Asafa showed that HE IS THE MAN.

Like him mre than GAT(i mean this dreamful drive phase AND top speed :slight_smile:

Have you also noticed that he cruised the last 2 metres again???

Great duell between GAT and AP !!!

Both now ran 9,77 this season!

After watching the video it appeared that his strides in his drive phase were much more powerful and deliberate than in previous races this season. Perhaps this is what your source was referring to. To me it looked like his first few strides were much longer and looked to have much longer GCT(ala Gatlin) than the choppy style he has displayed earlier in the year.

PJ, all the post is the one in the Caribbean forum,or is you that would tell him to grasp the track?
That means a little overstride isn’t it?

No!!! i was just reporting this post, i’m not “Wiley”.