Powell Gatlin Prefontaine tv coverage

Gatlin much better performance I thought running 9.88 in +1.0m/s bumping Leonard Scott pretty hard around 70m.

Those USA announcers are painful to listen to. It’s like they’re the two old guys from The Muppets. A paraphrase from the TV coverage:

“I did the math. Gatlin missed the WR in by .006. That’s 1/4”. 1/4" seperating him from the world record and the million dollar bonus".

I wish he was my math teacher in college.

and “Gatlin ran 9.66 but it was rounded up to 9.77”…and “these men can run around a standard high school 400m track in under 45 seconds” and… lol

Anyway, Powell got shown up hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

dwight stones and company did provide there typical commantary.

gatlin displayed a better race than powell with the wind and the bump in consideration. also powell shut down about 5m from the finish for the 32nd consecutive time.

fun meet to watch. first time an american(citizen) has won the bowerman mile in a while though.

Yeah those announcers… I cringe at some of the things they say. I didn’t catch the meet today, but those quotes are freakin classic. “1/4 inch away” haha… too funny. Props to Gatlin!

1/4 inch?? At that speed, it’s 4" per hundredth.
Of course being a dumb son-of-a-bitch is a requirement on some sports channels- just like in Britain.

thank you charlie francis
you’ve just made a shitty day a little bit better.

Dwight Stones seems to have the same problem a lot of former athletes have when they move to the broadcast booth. They seem to have taken (maybe actually have taken) a course in “how to be a broadcaster”, but they only understood half of it and bumble their way through something they should handle easily. Stones is knd of like Joe Morgan in baseball --when he just is himself and expresses his opinion, it’s sometimes interesting, but when he tries to read from the “how to announce an event” script he’s terrible.

Of course, on Dwight’s worst day he’s still vastly better than Carol Lewis. At least she finally has stopped going on and on about Carl Carl Carl.