Powell equals record for a third time?


click on the men’s 100m A race at 20:50. and a popup will appear.

Gay runs 9.84 and Scott runs 9.97, both PB’s.

wind is +1.0m/s

EDIT: Leonard Scott’s 9.97 is a SB not a PB.

Marcus Brunson runs a 9.99 PB.

Fasuba clocks 10.17.

More coverage:


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Rank Athlete NOC Result React.time
1 POWELL, Asafa JAM 9.77 0.148
2 GAY, Tyson USA 9.84 0.152
3 SCOTT, Leonard USA 9.97 0.126
4 BRUNSON, Marcus USA 9.99 0.197
5 CRAWFORD, Shawn USA 10.08 0.165
6 FRATER, Michael JAM 10.16 0.138
7 FASUBA, Olusoji A. NGR 10.17 0.140
8 OBIKWELU, Francis POR 10.26 0.176

Video of the race:


dam! Powell on firee =)
Hmm so many PB’s in one race…

He’s nearly as fast as Thor!!

Asafa hasn’t even been hosed and Thor has the race bagged for us!

Asafa Powell=The Faster Human Ever…

No could have-would have-should have.

I was thinking the same thing. I call GOAT. I don’t care about the ‘could have’ crap like you said!

He’s making the claim now. Still needs a major title. A look at Obekwelu shows you the need for recovery. With faster conditions than at the ECs, he’s still trashed. takes 10 days and he didn’t have it.

It is a bit suspicious. Still, taking nothing away from Powell…unbelievable.

When conditions are there and the athletes are ready- as many are due to the EC break, times will tell- you can see that those who are off the boil can’t benefit. Also check the 200 results- well off, so I assume the wind was swirling

Regardless it is remarkable management maintaining such high levels of performance.

His place (Goat etc.) will be determined in time, (Greenes) longevity must be respected also.


Great Asafa!!! He is the MAN. I cant imagine that there’s anyone who will be able to repeat 3 WRs :wink:

For the vid: It seems that Gay had a bit faster Top-speed at the end or is it just the perspective?

But, What do you think: how long can he produce such times without getting injured?

Christ, I can honestly see powell running sub 9.7 if he gets +2mps and good conditions. He does need to win some titles to be called goat though.

Tyson gay continues to step up and impress!

On second look at that, powell could not shake gay from 60m onwards, infact gay gained on him. If he improves his start and accel he could be a monster…

LOL francis obi looked dead lmao

That’s the rub. A faster start takes more energy (energy envelope) and a faster start by Gay may result in losses at the end. To catch up, he needs more in his energy envelope- and that affects the race everywhere. I’m pretty sure if Asafa went out easier, he’s have a devastating finish too- but he wouldn’t record the same ultimate time.

Obikwelu won Euros & Fasuba won Afros. They finished last and second-last respectively - and Fasuba had to travel again from Mauritius, so those two guys were going to be up against it for reasons CF points out.