Powell and teammates refuse relay practice

Asafa leads protest in Jamaica Olympic Camp
August 5, 2008 by admin
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Tianjin, China - Former world 100m record holder Asafa Powell led a protest on Monday as internal problem rocked Jamaica’s Olympic camp.

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This was precisely what I expected. Relay practice of an intensity, duration, and timing that isn’t in their coach’s plan, called for when Franno isn’t there to protect his athletes’ interests. A recipe for serious injury.

This seems to happen to one country or another every year. My question is how can this be avoided? How can relay practice be effectively implemented? Top relay teams will be made up of athletes from various clubs and coaches all of which have their own competitive/training schedules. So how do you please everyone??? :confused: :o

More like how do you keep officials, who may in fact want the athletes to perform badly for their own feuds/agendas/whatever, from screwing up the athletes before the events? I suspect it’s more than $$ that has people changing the flag they run for – perhaps freedom from meddling is a factor as well.

You don’t perfect a relay team one week before the olympics. If you still need relay work it must be after the 100 or else you may have no 100- AND NO TEAM if you injure everyone. The surest recipe for injury is to put top athletes in the hands of those who know nothing about them!!

I don’t think officials are deliberately being stupider than they actually are.
Stupid as they are is stupid enough.

Well, it is 100 per cent as you predicted CF. Guess you’ve seen every trick in the book - and then some - (try to be) pulled on coaches and athletes.

Asafa is getting wiser and learning. Great to see.