Powell 9.77 (again)

Most of you guys probably know by now that Asafa Powell equalled his and Gatlin’s World Record yesterday at Gateshead in the UK. One hell of a performance as the Gateshead track is not especially fast (trust me I coach there). I don’t think that anyone has ran under 10secs there let alone sub 9.8. I was at the meeting so havn’t been able to see any replays yet and the main camera position at Gateshead is not very well placed, it covers the race from almost a head on position. My impression was that he eased off just before the finish line but I would like feedback from anyone who has seen footage of the race. The wind was + 1.5 and the temperature in the mid 20’s.

there were 2 others replaies of this race:
one lateral (in motion) and one frontal

You should check out the discussions In the News, and Race Reports, theres lots of opinions and discussion on this topic:)

oh! and sprint videos courtesy of Thor!!!

It did look like he eased up but you’d think considering what he’s done in the past that Powell would be in the news talking about he eased up and tied the record, instead he said he makes running fast look easy, so I duno if he really eased up.

Good point. To what degree can be quantified as relaxed and that of considerable easing off?

Yes I realised after posting this that another thread had already been set up in the results section. All good stuff, and I agree he does make it look easy.