Potential Threat for Bejing 2008

Source (AP)

URUMQI, China (AP) – A U.S. group that monitors extremist messages says that a Chinese Islamic group has released a new video that shows a burning Olympics logo and an explosion over a venue for the Beijing Games.

The video, reported Thursday by the IntelCenter, follows the release of a similar video dated July 23. Both are attributed to the Turkistan Islamic Party, which experts say is an offshoot of a secessionist group from China’s Central Asian frontier with ties to al-Qaida.

IntelCenter said the latest video was dated Aug. 1 and features “graphics showing a burning Olympics logo and an explosion imposed over one of the venues.”

Comments on the video were in the language of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in western China with a long history of tense relations with the central government. No translation was immediately available.

They want to protest. They’ll prob be complaints if they’re turned back at the border- just like that asshole self-promoting American WINTER Olympic Champ who wanted in the disrupt things! (WTF does the winter Olympics have to do with anything now anyway? Send him back to the snow)
When you open the door to any of this shit, the rest come following through, sometimes with grenades in their pockets.

BTW, the US Flag bearer is a “lost boy” from Darfur. Do you suppose it was any coincidence that the winter Olympic dude showed up “johnny on the spot” to launch a protest along those lines?
Just out of interest, the Chinese military have been in Sudan for years, contracted to protect Oil pipelines. A Canadian Co was involved in this but was forced out years ago after their airstrips were used by the Sudanese Airfore to bomb villages. (Talisman, I think)
Snif out an Oil connection and the US will never be far behind. If they can push out the Chinese, they can move in.
Any Oil in Tibet??

Timing is everything, here is what the protest people can look forward to.


the you-tube got erased. By the Chinese??

It’s to be working, anyone else? I’ve heard of selective censorship on youTube.

Moving forward…


says at the top- sorry video is no longer available, but you can see the images that seem to be blacked out

I’m playing it right now. :confused:

I had no problems with it. Maybe they just blocked Charlie. :smiley:

Maybe they’re trying to sucker me over there!

its working in Aust.

sadly, its pretty funny, 50guys protecting and surrounding the touch.
took me awhile to even realise why people were being driving to the ground. just a sea of security.

Turns out this is legit, more to follow.