potential injury

ive been lifting weights moderately heavy and im starting to develope an aching pain on my right inner thigh/groin area.im worried because this happened to me 2 years ago and eventually that pain spread to my upper quad area on both legs and in effect wrecked the rest of my season.i would like to take care of this now before it becomes a problem but everyone i have talked to about it dont have a clue as to whats going on.

How was the problem resolved last time you had it?

Have you been talking to any health care professionals about it?

Can you describe the type of pain you feel more precisely? (ie. is it sharp or dull, localised or general? Does it feel like a muscular strain/injury? what brings it on and what relieves it? …)


it never really was resolved.it went away for a while then whenever i would start serious running it would return.eventually it just went away but only after i had lost a lot of speed.

havent seen a doctor in years,so the closest thing i had were my trainers and they didnt have a clue as to what was going on.

it is a dull pain on my inner right leg next to the groin(for now).i think it may be a strain.i believe doing squats with 275lbs may have brought it on(which im in big trouble if im straining things at that light a weight) and nothing really has relieved it.

Can you describe your weekly lifting routine(s) in detail?

Also, what is your one rep FULL DEPTH squat max?

on mondays and wednesdays i do upper body workouts.
bench-3 sets of 8 with 225lbs
incline bench-3 sets of 8 with 185lbs
pull downs-3 sets of 8 with 150lbs
arms curls & millitary press 3 sets of 8 with 90lbs

on tues and thursday i do lower body
squats-3 sets of 8 with 275lbs
leg press-3 sets of 8 with 540lbs
hip flexor thing(?)-3 sets of 8 with 50lbs
leg extensions-3 sets of 30 reps with 60-80lbs
standing hamstring curls-3 sets of 30 with 30-50lbs.

i havent tried a one rep squat yet but im guessing i’d get around the 340lbs area.the most ive ever got was 435lbs x3reps.

Trainers are obviously not qualified to diagnose medical conditions. You should see a health care professional. I would suggest to see a chiropractor, as the distribution and spread of pain suggests the involment of nerves which is what chiropractors specialise in. The area you describe is innervated by the nerves originating from your first and second lumbar vertebra and problems in this area (or even other parts of the spine) could aggrevate or even cause your symptoms. A simple muscular or tendinous strain should only present with localised pain and not with pain spreading over the whole groin/thigh area.


thanks for the advice. :wink: