Post work out feeling....

Bit of a strange question but how tired should you feel after weight training?

I usually feel pretty tired after lifting, am i going to heavy?

What are you trying to do at the moment in the gym? What phase are you in?

How is your response the next -easy, I suppose- day and the day after that? How do you feel in the next high intensity session?

Currently GPP, splitting upper and lower as in GPP DVD.

I think diet may be more important than exactly what you are doing in the weight room. If I don’t have enough to eat/drink then I feel tired after or towards the end of a weights session. If I have enough then I’m never tired, no matter what I do. Often I feel energised instead.

You should not feel like tired and heavy after sessions at the moment, take it easy and give time to your self; I would adjust accordingly.

You should not struggle for the load.
Hope it helps!