Post a Pic of Your Physquie

The way i see it, Track & Field (mainly sprinters) have a more functional, more appealing physquie than all them bodybuilders.

So if you want to show of our physqiue which you have earnt throught countless track runs, weights sessions and diet, post a couple pics.

You can already see my physique!



Here are before and after shots. I better not see these pics on some gay porn web site!

Awesome transformation! :eek:


I think you can rest assured that the second pic will NOT be posted on any porn sites!! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I would post pics of myself, but last time I got stalkers… :o

Damn Herb, were you a fighter or boxer of some type, because that looks like a little more than just a sprinter’s physique. If you were just a runner, hats off to you because that is just insane!

As for me, you can see my mild back development in my avatar, but as of right now I have nothing for my whole body on my computer and I really am too lazy to take another one. Besides, I looked a lot better coming out of GPP a few months ago, because now whatever unnecessary weight was eliminated, which means I’ve really cut down on bodybuilding stuff. So I’m not as muscular as I was, and instead I’ve gone more for a lighter build and just focusing on the speed/stamina to finish my event. Come summer though, watch out, and maybe then I’ll put something up.

i think it would cool seeing people’s changes from the beginning of the GPP and at the end or come out door season.

And Richo, you should have started off by posting yours.

Here’s my contribution to the new “gay section” of the CF forum :wink:

But seriously - that’s mid-gpp (79kg at 178cm), I need to take off at least 5 pds until summer…

In the summer, I plan to game, train, and kick the ol’ football around:D

Any ath1337 HALO fans out there?

Ok, I’ll play along…Here are a couple recent ones…

Check out Harry Aikienes (WYC 100+200m) :eek: :eek: :eek:

(That’s Harry on the far left, then Gatlin, then Crawford.)

Here are some more pics from that same training camp:

One of him in action last year:

Hmmm - looks like Gatlin had a couple beers too much recently…or probably he switched to soy products.

not that bad for a 17-18 yr old… :eek:

Here’s a pic I took about a month after the “season” ended last fall. I was about 205

I’ve lost 10 pounds since GPP started in January. I have about 10 more pounds to lose. Most of it is water I haven’t sweated off yet

i hate you all so very very much

btw, here’s me

four years ago

and now:

you know alot of people that went from “running” the 100m in two days and twenty four minutes (with three rests and four pizzas ordered) to 11.2x (which is by all means the best i will probably ever do but you know…it feels good and stuff)

Are you anabolicBMX from :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good man, nice pose lol!

Sorry, couldn’t resist being Number Two and all…

Needs a little more upper body work.

Harry Aikienes—how tall is he and how much does he weigh? Also, how hold is he?

I am now getting back into sprinting after 2 years off. Before i stopped sprinting i weighed 171 pounds and was pretty fast. I then began bodybuilding but had to stop a while back due to an injury that has now healed. I now weigh 195 pounds at 5’11 and have taken up sprinting again. I have clearly visible abs so there isn’t much fat to burn off. My question is: Should i focus on getting rid of some upper body muscle(by dieting) before i begin my speed training again or should i simply dive again into the speed training while now weighing what i do? Am i currently too heavy to once again be a good sprinter? Sorry to interrupt the thread with this but ive been wondering about this for a while. Thanks for any help!