Post a Pic of Your Physquie

just train for speed man, body comp will settle it self

my pic from about two weeks ago.

AC do you train to be a sprinter or a bodybuilder/other athlete? Either way great job.

I train to be a sprinter. i respond well to weights so i try to keep my bodyweight down as much as possible while still getting as strong as i can. i also stick to more olympic style lifts.

I think many body builders would be envious of you AC… What do you weigh? It looks like at least 195-205?

Awesome physique!!! I am curious, how fast does someone with your build run the 100?

hahaha…and you look like you’re a dead ringer for Justin Gatlin :smiley:

How’s it going?

thanks for the compliments guys. as for my weight, it ranges anywhere from 199 in the morning up to 208ish at night. as for what i would run a 100, i dont know, probably not very fast. i run just the 60 and my best is 7.07 but i am VERY inconsistant and i have trouble “stepping over” when running which hurts my times badly and is probably painful to watch. my form in general isnt a thing of beauty and needs A LOT OF WORK. as for speed/special endurance. what speed/special endurance. i am lucky to break 24 seconds outdoors, not a good conversion, lol. but i can give you a good 60.

wanna buy some speed endurance cause i can break 24.

and comparing your stats to mine from another thread.
199-206 depending on what time of day.
vert- 44"
squat raw and top of thigh to parallel 740
front squat 545
powerclean 380
jerk 365

165 on a fat day
squat raw and to top of thigh to parallel oh at least 400++ less than you
front squat at least 300++ less not a big lifter i am.
powerclean well over 200 less
jerk: i suck at putting things over my head. so probably 250lbs less.

so i am putting speed endurance and long legs on ebay, up for a purchase?

what kind of deal can you give me, lol.

My pic is in my avatar.

no comment. i hope you had the time to breath onve a while :cool:

i dunno, we’ll need to figure that out.

umm no. unless you want a 50kg (110lbs) kid with a mocking big scar down the front of my chest and a crooked spine posting and ruining the line of great physquies.

and if anyone think’s i’m you know, gay, i’m not. i knew sprinters have the best bodies in the world, even better than bodybuilders imo. n these pics proved it

also, don’t get me wrong, i might be 110lbs, but i still train with weights, and do sprints. i’m just not as intense and diet wise as you guys… yet