Possible Over-Reaching?

I was going pretty hard for 6 weeks, was following one of Kelly’s programs out of his VJB, along with having intense shooting workouts for basketball 3 days a week.

Therefore I had 2 days of weights/light volume plyos, 1 day higher volume plyos, 3 days of shooting(jump shots).

My legs have felt dead since. I have taken off a couple days now. My jump just is not there anymore, however when I sprint, I feel fine. Am I overreaching, overtraining? Any ideas on what to do?

Ease off on plyos especially as game practice progresses and perhaps becomes more intensive. You are doing them on game days, you are doing them on non-game days, you are doing them every day…
For now have some recovery/regeneration days; 6 weeks of this kind of training and with no lighter training in between is rather long…
Hope it helps!

Thanks Nikoluski, what kind of recovery/regeneration work do you recommend?

I say organic food & sleep , cut out mental stressors or keep to a minimum. Only think of physical work as a slight stimulant. You wanna leave your workout like you could do ALOT more.

Others in the forum are more qualified than me to talk about this!
I guess you can do massage, contrast showers -which can be done after normal sessions, too- and tempos with core work, stretching, etc.
Just give time to your self to find its balance/homeostasis again…
You can still do intensive sessions, but at a much less volume.
You should be ok with such things after 7-10 days; if not, you should look more seriously into this.
I hope others can contribute to this, too!