POSE method

I’m wondering if anyone here heard about the pose method, if so, I’m wondering if it can be applied towards sprinting mechanics.

(here’s the site) http://www.posetech.com/

Sprinting and running are a little different :slight_smile:

so should I attack the ground instead of letting gravity allow my leg to fall?


those links are great! love that hamstring machine, out go the deads and glute/ham raises, in comes the pose method of hamstring development.

i know alot of triathletes that bought his videos and are following his program, and actually one of them had a pretty good year (for him) last season. is this a case where a crap program is better than none at all?

The price for that machine is a ripoff!!!

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I found out about this through my brother and it was interesting… what do ya’ll think about it? Any opinion? I noticed that you’d need “specialized” shoes for this running method to be effective. In this case, my 2090 shoes are useless for this type of running. My brother is experimenting with this method and it should be interesting to see what he thinks of it in a few months. He even got a new pair of shoes just for that. He said that he’s afraid of running in them because there aren’t much in those shoes. I’m assuming no cushion or very little cushion. I can’t imagine running 5k on paved streets in those shoes. I’ve done it before with my cushioned running shoes and i can definitely feel the difference from running on grass and paved street.

I also noticed that a 400 female runner is using that method as well and claimed that it saved her career. Interesting… what do you think about that?

I take it you did not search the forum for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out:

Did you notice the date? Lol. over 2 years ago!

I did a search and nothing really helpful.