Pose method, whats your view?

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Dr. Romanov demonstrates what not to do when trying to increase your stride length. Many runners are concerned with covering more ground in … all » less strides. This is simply an illusion. An example of this illusion is track phenomenon Michael Johnson. Many would argue that he has a short stride due to his “compact” turnover. That simply isn’t so. He has one of the longest stride lengths in track and field. Simply he covers more ground in the air! Instead of remaining on support so that you can lash out your swing foot forward, you must simply quickly pull your support foot from the ground. Your swing leg will land naturally as a reaction to lost support. The key here is focusing on the pull. If you simply pull each time you land on support you will not have enough time to reach ahead! You’ll be a great sprinter in no time, not to mention you’ll be covering more ground than ever, in the air!