Is there any way to prevent poping up?
Say the start and reaction goes well, then a couple of steps and bang…you are in upright posision 30m to early insted in the hole acceleration-phase?

What could be the reason and how can you prevent it from happen? :mrt:
Take care…

I was popping up until recently - but in the last 3 weeks or so it’s fixed itself - and not by me consciously trying to fix it .

I haven’t done this deliberately but rather noticed what was happening as it happened -

at around the 30m mark I noticed that my arm drive lengthened slighty before my upper body came fully up with a really smooth transition into a completely upright position - quite by accident I guess . Since then I haven’t even had to try to do it - it just keeps happening naturally really smooth and cos it’s still new to me I’m aware of it like I’ve no conscious control over my own body - weird - but definately good .

I don’t know if it’s a cue anyone would recommend - it might cause problems but its worth thinking about -

any opinions ?