is anyone failar with poliqiun’s method’s and if so, do you think they good for sprinters??? ive heard he is the charlie francis of strength training!!!

In my humble opinion, he’s no such thing.

he is a great strenght trainer but if you do sprinting, you can elabarote a global program not single program (no single program for plyo, sprinting, strength…)



Definitely Not even in the same league


Be careful trying to combine different systems. The worlds best strength training system usually assumes no other training is taking place. When you include the sprint training in the equation your fancy strength routine usually has to become an “unsophistocated” basic lifting routine because the other “sophistocated work” is taking place on the track.


I attended one of Charles Poliquin’s seminars on speed training about 5 and a half years ago. As you can imagine, the focus was mostly on strength training, but there was an overall program with its own logic.

I think Charlie’s approach is superior, but Poliquin’s program does have a consistent logic that I think works well for some types of athletes (e.g., bobsled, football). But I would not train a sprinter like this.

tc0710 is right about not mixing and matching pieces from different coaches’ programs without understanding the overall logic of each program. Something that works well within a given mix of components might conflict with other components in a different type of program.

Regarding feats of strength, I don’t know of many other coaches whose athletes consistently achieved the same freakish strength levels as Charlie’s.

thanks for your replies, good advice :slight_smile:

Give me some time and I’ll dig up my notes from the seminar and write up a brief summary to give you an understanding of the big picture of how Poliquin was approaching speed development at that time (2000).

that would be really appreciated…

I can contribute on changes since then (2004/5) specifically to the 40yd dash.

But I must take you up on the phrase “overall program”.

I found the over-emphasis on strength very “unbalancing” for athletes, with little account for regeneration.

Must also agree with the pick’n’mix Comments - and even moreso with Poliquin (and Westside systems).
They are very strength specific.

I would have issues (and questioins) with some of Poliquins stuff.

Just take a look at what Poliquin did with David Boston (NFL athlete). He turned Boston into one of the strongest, fastest men in the NFL; however, the man gets injured every year it seems. So though Poliquin’s methods worked in getting him bigger, faster, and stronger…the methods did nothing to help David Boston stay injury free for an entire year. Therefore, some may question different parts of Poliquin’s methods.

in sake of truth in the first season with CPol, David Boston wasn’t injured and he was the leader reicever of the league with 1.500 and plus yards.
What happen the following years?

Maurice Clarrett, 4.8 something after supposedly working with him 16 HOURS A DAY leading up to the draft, after words he immediately dropped him.
Or so the story goes.

He does seem smart and I will read anything he puts out, but it doesn’t mean I’ll do it or it is good for you.

Okay, no!! Maurice Clarett read about the work Poliquin did with some athletes and then proceeded to do his best imitation of it (and the guy is an absolute idiot by the way!!)!!

Second, Boston got hurt in the years after he stopped working with Poliquin and started working with one of Poliquin’s associates (Ian Danney). Whether or not past problems from training contributed to his injuries, I don’t know.

As far as I know he was still under Poliquins tutorship just CP couldn’t train him full-time - i.e. Cp was still his trainer.

Here’s Charles’ side of things:


The Packers are having a great season :smiley: .

I’m picking up on your sarcasm!! :smiley:

I think CP is a smart guy - based on what I’ve read from him, and what some coaches have told me. His problem is that he thinks he’s smarter than he actually is. Additionally, he feels the needs to insult people and tell them how smart he is (and how stupid they are). Enough coaches have told me that he is a cocky, rude SOB and they wanted to drop him on the spot. That’s not a good sign.

He needs to let the athletes take the spotlight (not him) and let the results speak for themself.

It’s just a joke, nothing personal meant by it!