PNF versus AIS

Ok, now that understand the difference between AIS and PNF stretching, what I’d like to know is, when are the appropriate times to use either one? My impression is that I should do AIS before activity, and PNF after, to aid recovery. Is that correct? Or should I do both PNF and AIS after running?


I tend to do more active stretching/exercises for warm up and static ones for cooldown.

Before you do PnF amd maybe even AIS make sure you are not tight or in flexible. If you are work on static stretching first.


i have been using the micro program for 2 months and im totally digging it. i use it 5 nights a week, and a few mornings post workout and it has made a difference in performance and flexibility but i had found that when doing it before games i didnt have as much pop or spring in my body.

tom green posted a great study on pre game dynamic stretching being better for explosive sports than static. i tried this theory out and loved the results. just my personal experience, hope it helps.


I presuming you mean my warmup rationale.

I have found I get no benefit from static stretching in warm up. I also tend to be sore from doing PnF work - I’m probably doing it wrong. But I like to do static at the end of easier sessions to think about session, life and comments I can make to coach.

I haven’t done alot of AIS work - still reading up on it. I tend to a little PnF on Hamstrings only.

I actually need somebody to stretch lower back out.

As an adjunct, I just went to a chiropractor. 3 visits in 3 days. He explained to me what is wrong with my back, besides being out of alignment.

He wants me to go 3 times a week for 2 months initially, each appointment around 20 minutes. Which is around $912 for for the 2 months. Think I am in the wrong business.

[i]Originally posted by nightmare4d

tom green posted a great study on pre game dynamic stretching being better for explosive sports than static.

I can’t seem to find that post by searching, can you post a link to it please? I’d be interested to read it…


Check out:


I don’t know if I would compare the methods, or even choose one over the other.

It seems to me that with most methods (regard all training methods) you take one side and disagree totally with the rest. Such as Chek, HIT or other methods. Is this wrong to be so narrow minded.

I’m interested in finding out more about AIS. Is it easier to do AIS as an individual than PnF?

I have no idea what you’re talking about Clemson in regard to the other questions.

I feel better getting that off my chest :slight_smile:

… and perhaps, if you would, briefly on a comparison of PNF, AIS and dynamic stretching?

In my personal experience, I have used AIS on several football players before weight-training sessions, but not before actual pratice. So I can only comment on it before weight-training. In that context, It increases range quickly, with no noticeable decrease in strength, in my experience with it. I can say that with static stretching before weight-training, a noticable loss of strength occurs. I know Ian King likes static strecthing before training. I gave it a shot, but didnt like the results. I do understand his rationale for it though.
I will say that the person who designed AIS has made some pretty outrageous claims in terms of its benefits. So just keep you bull___ detector on, and see if it works for you.