Pmoax's 400/800 Training

Tuesday 7/28

Wednesday 7/29
USATF Junior Olympic Championships
2nd Place 4X800m Relay in 7:48.70 (1:54 split)

notes: We had second place locked up pretty easily. Texas Stars won easily and almost broke the 28 year old record.

Thursday 7/30
USATF Junior Olympic Championships
800m Prelims: 1:54.64e

4X400m Prelims: 3:15.64e (47.59 split)
notes: I got 8th place to get the last qualfying spot the open 800m. In the 4x4 I ran one of the best legs of my life to get us the last qualifying spot, numerous college coaches who had blown me off in the past were asking my coach about me :wink:

Friday 7/31
USATF Junior Olympic Championships
400m Prelims: 49.50e

notes: Very unhappy with this race, I have the physical ability to run faster but for some reason I am just too tense in the open race.

Saturday 8/1
USATF Junior Olympic Championships
4th Place 800m Finals in 1:55.06e

notes: I am satisfied with my place in this race but I am slightly disapointed in my time for the year. I went thru the bell around 53 high.

Sunday 8/2
USATF Junior Olympic Championships
8th Place 4X400m Finals in 3:20.18 (47.92 split)

notes: One of our relay legs bailed on us and another acted like a 6 year old and jogged the race. It is unfortunate because when you see athletes as naturally gifted as some of my teamates just give up and pout, you really can tell that in 2 years they won’t still be in the game depite a world of opportunity ahead of them.

My High School Track Career has officially ended and its a bit of a strange feeling. I feel like I have acomplished quite a bit in these four years. I have gone from a 56 second split my freshman year to spliting 47 this year. My horizions have expanded to include the 800m which will likely become my main event in college. I am having my wisdom teeth removed this morning and will take two weeks of down time before training begins anew. Below is a quick summary of my pr’s for the year: (all times fat)
55m: 6.77
60m: 7.29
100m: 11.23w
200m: 22.32w and 22.45
400m: 49.05 (47.59 relay)
800m: 1:53.99

Congratulations on some very nice work!

You have had a super senior year and deserving of some down time; congrats. on a job well done.


Very nice PR’s dude!

Well done on your season mate. It’s been interesting following your progress. Very similar sessions to mine. Enjoy your off season. What are your plans?

congratulations on the medals why do you think your 400 wasn’t faster? do you plan on writing up an evaluation of the season?

I will probably write up an evaluation of the season and particularly of the 400m soon. I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday so I am a bit loopey right now :slight_smile:

Haha man I wish you all the best recovering from your wisdom teeth. You injured a shitload of bodyparts but getting your wisdom teeth removed will top all of them. Thats a bitch and a half to deal with. lol

Besides that, you’ve had a great year and should be proud of all your accomplishments. You put in a great 4 years and are cream of the crop. You deserved these 2 weeks of rest.

Good stuff man. If your looking to go into 8’s further on, then keep working on your speed, just also add in some more endurance based work - with a 49s 400, i would be looking more for a 1.49 - 1.51. How many races did u do over the last season in 8’s?

I appoligize for being so slack lately, I will post my synopsis of the season here later.

Monday 8/10
Dynamic Warm Up
5km Run in 24:49
notes: Back at it! First run after a week of doing nothing.

10 Minute Bike Warm Up
3X5 Bench Press @135lbs
3X5 Narrow Grip Pull Downs @135lbs
2X12 Incline DB Press @40lbs
2X12 1-Arm DB Row @40lbs
2X10 Tricep Rope Extensions @60lbs
2X10 Bicep Straight Bar Cable Curl @60lbs
2X10 Two Way Shoulder @12lbs

Tuesday 8/11
Dynamic Warm Up
5km Run in 22:48
notes: Felt a lot easier than yesterday.

Wednesday 8/12
Dynamic Warm Up
6km Run in 28:36

Thursday 8/13
Dynamic Warm Up
5km Run in 23:01