plyo's or no

Hey guys,

My question is im a football player who has been following a charlie francis/westside barbell training program. Im suppose to add plyometrics next week but i was thinking im lifiting 4x a week and running 5x (2 speed, 3 tempo), and football agilities 2x. i do power cleans, hang cleans, hang snatches etc. Would adding plyos just be to much i was thinking this because of the amount of OL lifting and sprinting. What do you guys think

Depends on your current program. Could you post a week and we can give you an idea on where to add the plyo’s. If you have not done them in a while, starting off with low-intensity multi-jumps such as double-leg hops, bounds in grass would be an idea.

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here is a sample of my program for the rest of this week and next.

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posted on 27-5-2003 at 08:07 PM

football workout please look and advise

Hey Guys, Im going to ball football this summer at a Pac-10 school. Due to a ACL injury i suffered i was forced to come into the school as a non-scholorship player who is already on the 105 roster. Due to stupid NCAA rules they cant give there workout program. So the the S&C told me the basics they do and this is what ive come up with for both speed and weights Weights next 3 weeks

Day 1
Power Clean 3 sets 3 reps
Hang Snatch 3 sets 3-5 reps
Back Squats 3 sets 3-5 reps
Good mornings 3 sets 3-5 reps
Glute ham raises 4 sets 5-8 reps
Chest supported row 3 sets 6-10

Day 2
Incline BP work up to a max single
Power press 4 sets 3 reps
Flat DB press 3 sets 8-10 reps
JM press 4 sets 4-8 reps
DB rotator cuff work 3 sets 12 reps
Shurgs 3 sets 10 reps

Day 3
Hang Clean 4 sets 3-5 reps
Box squats w/band tension 6-8 sets 2 reps
Lunges 3 sets 5 reps
Reverse Hyperextensions 4 sets 6-10 reps
Glute ham raises 3 sets 12 reps
Pull-ups 3 sets 8 reps

Day 4
Dynamic BP w/band tension 8 sets 3 reps
4 board press 4 sets 3-5 reps
Plyo-push ups 4 sets 5 reps
Rear-Side-Front DB shoulder raise circuit 3 sets 10 reps each (30 reps total per set)
DB Tri Extension 3 sets 12-15 reps
Bicep Curl 3 sets 8 reps

Abs: will be done 4-6x a week. Using a mix of: Roman chair, Standing Ab Crunches, decline situps, hanging leg raises, stability ball leg raises and crunches.

Speed, Agility and Conditioing

Day 1- Speed Day
Warm-up, strech
4 sets Flying 10’s
4 sets 10 yard starts
4 sets 20 yard starts
4 sets 30 yard starts
Day 2- agility and tempo
About 30-45 minutes of different footwork and change of direction drills w/45 sec rest between sets and 2 min between exercises
Tempo- 3sets of 4x100, 100 yard walk back as rest 2 minutes between sets

Day 3- Tempo
4 sets 4x4 50, 50 yard walk back is rest.
Practice for conditioning test
2 300 yard shuttles w/ 4minutes rest in 56 sec.

Day 4- Speed
3 sets Flying 20’s
4 sets 10 yards
3 sets 40 yards
2 sets 50 yards
2 sets 70 yards

Day 5- Agility and conditioning
Same as agility day on day 2
8- ½ gassers w/60 sec rest
practice for conditioning test
2- 300 yard shuttles w/4 minutes rest at 56 sec pace.

thanks john

Glancing at this, I start off by saying that overall volume could be cut back to see better results. I dont think that you need so much work on Monday as well as the quality of the speed work could be affected from the high reps and also from strength work (cumulative). As a guideline, start each day with the exercise that involves the most CNS recruitment. Prior to speed work, you could add in some explosive med ball work or the low-level plyometric work as mentioned earlier, (esp. taking into consideration the strength of the knee).
What are you doing as far as rehab for your knee?
How much rest are you taking between sprints?