Can anyone give me a sample plyometric workout? I understand you have to be relatively strong in order to undertake such a workout, and I believe I am at a level where I can undertake a plyometric workout. I really think it would benefit my early stages of my race, which are by far my weakest. That extra power, would benefit me a lot. Also, I want to be able to dunk a basketball on a more consistent basis! I’m not a serious player, but it would be cool! LOL. Jokes aside, I think a decent plyometric programme would greatly benefit my track career.


You might try doing 5x standing long jumps into sand and 3x standing triple jumps. Do these 2x weekly after your speed sessions. As these numbers climb,good things will begin to happen. Keep in mind that jump results improve as a result of a combination of several training components.

I definately suggest that you purchase Charlies training manual and if possible, the videos. They show you various drills as well as how to periodize them into your current program. Also, a good reference book for various jumps is “Jumping into Plyometrics” by David Chu.

Your general rules of thumb are start off with two legged jumps and stay on soft surfaces (grass). Make sure that you put the plyos at the beginning of your workout, since you want to work down from most complex exercises.

Yeh, I knew it was essential to be very ‘fresh’ before a plyometric workout. I can also understand the importance of soft surfaces and 2 legged exercises to begin with.

Is it possible to post a sample workout please? Being a student, I can’t really afford to buy Charlie’s training manual at the moment. I can see that this may have conflicting opinions with Charlie however. But if it’s possible, I would really like to see something I could use to get me started.

Check out:

I’m not fobbing you off but after you read this & the two of Charlie’s books most, if not all, of your questions on plyometrics should be answered :wink:

Thanks for the feedback guys. Standing triple, 2 feet to 1 foot, to the other foot, to 2 feet yea? Like, both, left, right, both. Just checking I have the right technique for it.

I would suggest Radcliffes Plyo Book. It was mentioned in V1 of this forum. Great book, different the Donald Chu’s books.

One word of caution - be careful don’t progress too quickly

Standing triple jump----start on both feet, land on one, land on the other, land on both. This is a fairly common jump in several elite sprinter’s programs, with some 10.0 types going in excess of 10.00meters. Example: Bailey-10.40m. Be cautious of a cookbook approach to plyos. There are literally 100’s of different plyos that can be done. The key is in the volumes done and the sequencing in the microcycle, not in exotic jump drills done to excess.