Plyometrics for Weights

When I go to Florida for spring break I will have access to a track but probably not a weight room . I wanted to replace the weights with plyos. What should my training schedule look like if I do this? I remember dlive posting that plyos should be done before sprinting. Should I sprint immediately after plyos when done?

I would advise medicine ball work rather than plyos and to increase the quality of your track sesions. Sprinting is plyometric!

I agree with David. Plyometrics is not something I would suddenly introduce or increase in volume to compensate for a missing component. You’ll be able to tolerate the med ball work better.

ok, thanks guys!

BTW, if you are going to do intense plyos, I would do them after sprinting, not before. The idea is to always keep speed a priority.


You’re so lucky prophet. I went down to Florida during our February break and it was great. I just did speed, tempo, a little skipping, and some hand-clap pushups.

pete, I’ll bring u back some sand!LOL!!!:smiley: