Hi guys is it safe to do Plyometric if you cant squat 2.5 times your body weight.

i squat 1.4 times my body weight
i weight 140 pounds and am 5’11

The 2.5 bodyweight guideline is the biggest bunch of BS-

There is not a scientific reference to validate this-

More Myth than anything.

The root of these number comes from old NSCA articles.

Like I said by no means am I a Don Chu fan.

Off the soap box…

I agree. When I played basketball I couldn’t squat 2.5 times my bodyweight but I still did plyo’s. They were my favourite assistance exercise, felt great,had no problem with them, got good results and none of the injuries I’ve ever had came from plyo’s. (Though I did do them properly.)

jeez, i must of started plyos when i was in grade 7 in a pathetic attempt to increase my vertical jump.

Is this a trick question?

thanks guys whats the recommaned box
height for depth jumps

And whats this plyometric exercise called.
For example, hold dumbbells in the hands and jump onto a box.

Originally posted by Clemson
What does gambetta and Radcliffe suggest?

Put an agility/speed ladder on either side of the box to enhance your explosive agility qualities (or at least I presume…).:wink: