plyo & swimming

Hi to all of you!
I’d like to know your opinion about how and what kind of exercises to do for a sprint swimmer.I’m thinking that it would help in the start and turning back:what’s your opinon about?Thank to all of you!:smiley:

I know basically nothing of swimming, but I can’t see plyos being helpful enough that any training time /energy should be devoted to it. I’m not an expert; maybe someone else with more knowledge will chime in here.

I would agree, contact times during starts and turns are relatively long therefore I see little need for devoting significant time to training reactive plyometrics. RFD is of higher importance in my mind and so explosive med ball throws, jump squats and general strength would my preferred choices, along with ensuring adequate scapular stability.
Olympic lifts could also be employed, though given the structural stress the shoulders are exposed to from pool work, the benefits could be achieved by less structurally taxing means, regarding the snatch in particular.

I believe Mark Foster also used track sprinting as part of his training.