Plyo Press (Machine)

Id like to hear everyones thoughts on this piece of equiptment.
yay or nay? Why or why not?

thanx guys.

Click equiptment and click plyo press.

IMO, a complete waste of money! Why would one want to learn how to perform a plyometric exercise lying on his/her back when most sporting movements take place standing? I suppose if someone was recovering from a serious back injury that device might be useful but it just seems unecessary, along with the goofy high-speed treadmill devices that have been debunked so many times. Ahh, the power of good marketing!


Frappier Acceleration leads to crappier sprint form.

This has been discussed on this forum as well as the old forum as well as the forum review.

I have used this while getting rehab at a Health South. It worked ok for rehab, but I would incorporate it in my workouts.

Piece of junk. The hip movement is limited and there’s no down and back action there. I guess if we all start jumping while leaning our backs against a wall it might help. Even in the rehab setting I could think of at least 999,999 better things to do with my time. While on the subject, I once saw a trainer try to teach people to squat while keeping their hips “neutral” by having them learn to squat against the wall. Duh you freakin’ idiot the movement may be linear but the joint motion is not!! Try taking a dump like that and you’ll fall in your own sh#t!!


You must be fucking kidding me right? :rolleyes:

Seriously Quick this machine is a piece of junk and a waste of time. Stick with the jump squats and wtd plyos instead. I can leg press over 1300 lbs if I was to use this machine I would destroy it on my first try.


Hahaha. Have you lost your damn mind!! :smiley: I was not planning on using this freaging thing, I know better.

A facility a friend of mine works at has this piece of equiptment and the “trainers” there think its great fro athletes to use since theres no pounding etc. I just was wondering maybe there was something I was missing ? lol. I wasnt ever thinking about using it though. I dont think lying on my back attempting to mimic a jump movement is going to help me on the field or the track.

This reminds me of one of CF’s infamous stories about how volleyball players were doing plyo’s by jumping on polevault mats continously! Lot of Brainiacs and Einsteins working up here in Canada. :o :eek: :rolleyes:

Actually now that I think about it, I will still keep the same opinion on this piece of equipment; however,

A much better alternative! Search Topic: Westside Plyo Swing

The difference in the equipment you mentioned Quick is that the force is being applied horizontally and if you apply enough force you should easily break the machine; unless, the machine slows itself down somehow but then that’s exactly my point is that it is a machine and not free wts! With the plyoswing you are using free wts with joint angles that easily comparable to sprinting and weightlifting; at least, in the knees and ankles.

My only problem with the Zatsiosrky’s plyoswing is that it teaches the body a different motor pattern (in terms of the hips) than squatting/sprinting. The squat and the 100m sprint use identical hip/knee/ankle positions in the right angles at each of these joints at the right time. When using the plyoswing the upper body doesn’t move at all but allows the hips to move in a different way then when one does a squat/sprint. You can compare the plyoswing to somebody who is doing an improper squat; what I mean is, the person is bending at the hips right away and then later bends the knees and then ankles. This is sort of like doing a good morning squat if that makes any sense to you?

So the question then becomes, can the body seperate different motor patterns accurately enough yet still derive the benefits so that the improper pattern will benefit the proper one?

According the, “Strengthening the organism through different resistance methods” then yes the body will be able to derive benefits and there will be a positive correlation.

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