Please critique my stregth program.

Hi, Just wondering if you could critique/provide feedback on my weights program. 100/200m runner. pbs 10.60/21.7

Running 4 sessions a week.
Weights 2 sessions a week.

Session 1:-

Leg press (no squating due to back troubles)
Power Cleans
Walking over head lunges (w/ Med Ball)
Hip Machine
Rev Leg Press/ Rev Hypers.

Session 2:-

Bench Press
Weighted chins
Bent over Rows
Hang snatches

Will provides sets/reps/weights if required.
Thank you for your help.

Basically you should train your whole body on both days. It seems that you currently have an upper/lower body split (plus an olympic lift, which is a whole body movement). So you could do it like this for example:

session 1:
power cleans
leg press
bench press
reverse leg press
weighted chins
walking overhead lunges

session 2:
hang snatch
leg press (one legged)
push press
hip machine
bent over rows

But I urge you to get that back problem under control because it won’t go away just avoiding squats. In fact leg presses may cause an even bigger compression to the lumbar spine than correctly executed squats.