please critique my GPP routine

Hello everyone,I hope you could help me to know if I´m doing something wrong or if I´m missing basics moves on my training session

Here are some of my personal stats…


Weight:172 lbs(with a 8-10% of bodyfat)

Age:27 (too old to start with the speed training I know :o )

PB in 60 m. 7.42

Well that´s my usual routine for GPP (I will try to explain as much details as I can,sorry in advance for my gramatycal errors :o )

Warm up wich consits of :
1ST-600 to 800 mt. jogging
2ND-5 to 7 minutes of static stretching for the wholebody
3RD-2 circuits of conditioning and strengthening with medball consitd of
MB sit upsx20 reps
Pull upsx6-8 reps (an easy number)
MB knee hugex20 reps
push ups x 20reps
MB v-upsX15 reps
Walking lunges with MB
MB sit ups with twist X20 reps
Giant circles with MB x20 reps
Knee to opposite shoulder with MB x20 reps
burpees x10 reps
4TH-some arms swinging and leg swinging
5TH-then I go on with the skipping moves
3x20mt. ankling
3x20mt. A skip
3x20mt. B skip
2x30mt. leg tenses
2x30mt. strides
2x30mt. heel to hamstring running
2x30mt. backwards running emphasizing long reach with a cycle move

Then I walk 10 min. to the place where I have found the more decent hills in my town to proceed with the hill work

4x(5x40 mt) with a recovery walk between reps and 5 min. rest between sets

After that I walk back 10 min. to the track to perfome some light hurdle work 2-3 series of 2 different drill (with each leg)

Then I walk 7 min. to the gym …
Bench press 3 sets 12-8 reps (I use that range of reps in GPP trying to add some muscle size :smiley: )
Dumbell row one handed 3 sets 12-8 reps
Frontal press with dumbells 3 sets 12-8 reps
Seated row 3 sets 12-8 reps

After that I performe statical stretching for the whole body for 20-30 min.

Well the total amount of time is about 3 hours :eek: Is that OK or it could be considered a lot?

Warm up,same as mondays but with only 1 circuit of medball conditioning and reducing a 33% of the skipping section.

Tempo,I performe it on grass around the track,however that grass floor is not absolutely perfect and regular :stuck_out_tongue: (speed training is not a interesting thing to care about for the athletics federation of my state)

3x(4 x 200 mt.) walking 80 sec. between reps and 120 sec. between sets

Then I go on with the med ball throws (with med ball of 5 kgs.)

Overhead throws 6 reps
chest pass with a front step 6 reps
Lateral throws 6 reps with each side
Squat rear throw 6 reps
Squat front throw 6 reps
Accelerations throwing the med ball 6 reps

After that I walk to the gym to performe my leg day
Power cleans 3x8 reps plase note that I don´t have anyone experienced with OL to teach and take care of my movement.I just look myself at the mirror and try to perfome what I see in one video by a website :frowning:
Deadlifts 3x12-8 reps
1/2 Squat 3x12-8 reps
Romanian deadlift 3x12.8 reps

Then I doo 20-30 min. of static stretching,drink my protein shake and eat a piece of fruit with rice cream :smiley: a great moment in my day lOL

Again I need near of 3 hours to complete my routine.

I use to rest and go to massage,taking a lot of calcium and C vitamin (like I have read on CFTS :smiley: )

This is my 24 non stop hours journal,so I can´t train at all cause I work since 7:00 am to 4:00 pm of the next day in an emergency team

(if I have enough energy after thursday)
Same as mondays but cutting off the frontal press in my weight session

Same as tuesdays but changing the 1/2 squat to push press with dumbells

Rest day,I walk with my dog and take care of the planning for the coming week :slight_smile:

Well I suppose that I might get lot of errors in my planning so I hope you could help me with it.
Lot of thanks in advance :slight_smile:

nice workouts,
and great you have the time to do a 3hr routine
(it includes showering etc)

i try tokeepmy workout on a 2 hour max.
i did my best perfemances with 4/5x a week training wich lasted a max of 90 minutes.

if you’re busy working/study or whatever keep enough rest. It’s useless if you train this hard and you get burned out within 8 weeks.

Maybe for speed you do the right thing on mondays.
for tempo i’think 3 hours is too much.
just do a 20’ run, or the the tempo workouts CF gives(takes about 20-30 mins) and do a small med ball circuit afterwards for you abs. so youll be finished within maybe 60-80 mins

btw are you training for the 100m?

train smart… not long is what someone told me in the past

Thanks pindaman :slight_smile: ,but maybe I haven´t been so clair when I say that the training takes me near of 3 hours.I wanna mean the whole training (warm up,plus hill or tempo work,plus weights,plus final stretching,plus walking between the different places where I train)

I can´t imagine to get finished in less than 2 hours (maybe in my tempo sessions during SPP),so please if you know the way make me know cause my dog is not so happy with the fact of my long absence due to my job and training LOL :slight_smile:
Please tell me how exactly I could reduce my traing time,what part of it should I cut off?

I´m training to 60,100 and 200 :slight_smile:

Since you asked me… :slight_smile:

  1. On hill days: warm-up, “skips”, hills, weights, med. ball
  2. Upper body weights, why two rows (DBells and Seated)?
  3. Weights Upper, one day mainly vertical pulling/pushing exercises (e.g., chin ups, upright rowing), second day mainly horizontal pulling/pushing exercises (e.g., seated rows, bench press). Emphasis on verticals for now
  4. Weights Lower, one day Squat (half at least), one day Deadlift -not together. Be careful with P. Cleans!
  5. On tempo days, warm-up, explosive med. ball throws, tempo
  6. Swap Friday’s/Saturday’s sessions, since you are working on Thursday and you’ll be most probably tired
  7. Total durations should be 90-120 min for tempo days, 120-150 min for sprint days -excluding perhaps all the walking you have to do…
  8. Enjoy!

i agree with the double excersizes for weight.
and skipping/moving a workout if tired.

Why no deadlift/sqaut in 1 workout/day?

I´m planning some changes in my training for that coming week I will post it day by day so you could help me to fix some errors lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Lot of thanks for your answers one more time :o

It´s too difficult to me posting every day lord!so I will try to post in the weekend :slight_smile: